Sacrifice, breakthrough, subversion can be crowned as the best actor

Angie 2022-04-23 07:01:09

Time has entered the 21st century, and Denzel Washington has ushered in the peak of his acting career. During this period, excellent works appeared frequently. In 2001, he had been in Hollywood for many years. Day" was affirmed by the Film Academy and crowned the Oscar winner. Being a black man, it is evident how difficult it is to win the selection with some racial discrimination by the judges, which fully proves his excellent acting skills.

In this film, Denzel Washington rarely subverts his own image and plays a negative role. It is this kind of sacrifice and breakthrough transformation on the road that finally made him achieve positive results. Although the subject matter of this film is the Los Angeles policeman who has been filmed countless times, the number of times the story of a good policeman and a bad policeman has been filmed is not clear. kind of. Taking advantage of the identity of the police to take advantage of the typical underworld, in the end, many injustices were shot into honeycombs and corpses were scattered on the streets. When I saw this ending, it reminded me that his way of death is somewhat similar to the death of the eldest of the 3 brothers in "The Godfather".

Denzel Washington's performance has reached the level of perfection in this period, and this film just gave him enough performance space. The image of the tough and righteous in the past suddenly turned 180 degrees, and a complete villain was shaped by him. In the end, winning the best actor is also expected. It is worth mentioning that the supporting actor Ethan Hawke's performance in the film is also OK. Later, he starred in a very thoughtful vampire-themed movie-"Bloodthirsty Dawn" looks pretty good. , The personal performance is also said in the past, which is very interesting.

The perfect performance in this film allowed Denzel Washington to reach the peak of his acting career. Playing a positive role, the heroic image will certainly win the audience, but he has always stuck to a single play path, instead of exploring his own potential, to try more It is very difficult to get the best actor in Hollywood. There are really many good actors, and the judges of the film academy are really very professional and objective, no matter how famous you are. Constantly seeking breakthroughs and hard self-cultivation, he has become a new black actor.

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  • Carey 2021-10-20 19:00:40

    "Power leads to corruption, absolute power leads to absolute corruption." Acton's famous saying hit the nail on the head. Alonzo used the principles of human nature that he understood to promote the legitimacy of using drugs to combat drugs, and used the methods of wandering on the edge of the law to express the greed of human nature so "reasonably and reasonably". It should be said that this is mainly due to the actor Denzel Washington's three-pointer, incisive and vivid acting, and absolute actor-level performance. 8.2

  • Anthony 2022-04-23 07:01:09

    Danzel's acting adds a lot to the story. The story of the black police was finally shaken out, which seemed unexpectedly insufficient. The vibe is nice, but wouldn't EthanHawk seem too young to be a cop? As for justice over darkness, it's not a good idea anymore.

Training Day quotes

  • Smiley: [to Jake, before Moreno, sniper, Smiley drag him into the bathroom and lift him into the tub] You got the right to be bitch-slapped.

  • [on phone]

    Jake Hoyt: Hello?

    Alonzo Harris: Hoyt?

    Jake Hoyt: Yes, sir?

    Alonzo Harris: You on your way to roll call?

    Jake Hoyt: Yes, sir, I'm on my way out the door right now.

    Alonzo Harris: Hoyt.

    Jake Hoyt: Yes, sir?

    Alonzo Harris: Patrol ferries go to roll call, we don't go to roll call...

    Jake Hoyt: OK, that's good to know.

    Alonzo Harris: Listen, there's a coffee shop at 7th and Whitman. Be there, ten 'o clock, in civies, comfortable shoes. You got a backup gun? Somethin' pocket size?

    Jake Hoyt: Uh, no sir. I got the Department issue Buretta...

    Alonzo Harris: Good, good, bring it. Cuffs too. We'll be in the office all day, but who knows? Maybe we'll do some business, we're an aggressive unit.

    Jake Hoyt: Uh, yes sir. And that's exactly why I signed up, and I just wanted to thank you...

    [Alonzo hangs up]