Not just a commercial blockbuster

Frieda 2022-04-19 09:01:12

I used to hate commercial blockbusters, because I think the plot is really uncreative, but this movie made me squeeze the water out of my body. Maybe some people say it is the traditional American heroism, but the hero does not live. Come down, this is the real hero.
It's an eternal theme, life and death. Courage allowed Bruce Willis to overcome the instinct of survival. I admire it very much. Maybe I lack such courage. I am not afraid of death, but I am afraid of the process of death, pain, helplessness, etc., but I hope that one day I can have the courage to face my life, of course at the end of the world or before I die.
Life needs love, courage, knowledge, and your change in the world, even if you can't save the world, you have to prove your existence to the world...

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  • Kiel 2021-10-20 19:00:23

    It can be said to be a magnificent wave. The blockbuster has all the qualities that should be available. Although it still sells the old soup of "Hope of American Mankind", the protagonist is not perfect, but a group of ordinary drilling workers, emotional Shang immediately accepted a lot. The plot itself is smooth and sophisticated. Although there are waves of accidents, the methods are always more difficult than the difficulties. The meaning of man's determination is easy to make the audience in front of the screen follow the passion.

  • Harvey 2022-03-21 09:01:10

    I saw Mr. Fan, and also saw the underworld boss and Ma Hong in the escape, so kind, I cried at the end, saying goodbye to that sensational period. Generally speaking, the first half is funny, and the second half is spectacular. The conditions put forward by a few dear friends and the country are too good. Everyone uses cassettes to avoid fines, tax, and permanent tax.

Armageddon quotes

  • Watts: [showing a video] Neil Armstrong, 1969, bouncing on the moon. He's bouncing because there's less gravity up there than on Earth. This will be similar to the asteroid. So, watch it. Something gets launched off that asteroid with enough force, it's gonna keep on going, right into outer space.

    Oscar: [to Bear] What is the deal? Is it just me, or is Watts really hot?

    Bear: [nods] Yeah.

    Watts: So we have these new generation suits. With directional accelerant thrusters. You won't bounce like Neil Armstrong.

    [seeing that Bear is not paying attention]

    Watts: Bear!

    Bear: Yes?

    Watts: Do we have a problem?

    Bear: No.

    Watts: 'Cause I'm trying to describe to you how these DATs keep your ass on the ground, so that if I were to kick you in the balls, and you don't know how to work them, what happens to you?

    Bear: I float away.

    Watts: Yeah.

    Rockhound: When do we start training for THAT?

  • Dan: With the proximity of the asteroid, and no prep time, none of our primary plans can work.

    General Kimsey: Why don't we just send up a hundred and fifty nuclear warheads and blast that rock apart?

    Ronald Quincy: Terrible idea.

    General Kimsey: Was I talkin' to you?

    Dan: This is Dr. Ronald Quincy from Research. Pretty much the smartest man on the planet You might wanna listen to him.