gentleman's war

Jared 2022-10-28 02:52:46

I love Tommy a lot. He rarely shows his feelings, but he is a man of temperament.
Every move has the style of an English gentleman, and he is a man who can be relied on and trusted.
And what fascinated me the most was that he almost always had the initiative throughout the first season, whether it was doing things, socializing or talking, this is an aggressive man. I want to learn his ability to always take the initiative in the conversation between the two.
Grace is really good-looking and has a good voice. Even a cappella is so charming. The only fly in the ointment is that the bridge of the nose is too high. The work is clean and neat, and the soundtrack and pictures of the episodes that like this kind of people
are in place, and the pictures have always been clean.
Originally came for sweetheart Tom Hardy in season 2, but it was awesome to see these two god-like characters

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Extended Reading
  • Adela 2021-10-20 19:00:19

    The composition and music are very good, the plot is actually a bit weak, but the literary gang is so sexy, and the corrupt country is really even the gang with a sense of abstinence. By the way, the title of the play should be changed to "Tommy is so busy"... I don't like ada's character the most, and Grace has no characteristics to be honest. The male lead is so handsome. The male lead is so handsome. The male lead is so handsome!

  • Alexzander 2021-10-20 19:00:47

    BBC, what else can be said, lens, contemporary sense, lighting, costumes, props.

Peaky Blinders quotes

  • [Repeated line]

    various characters: By order of the Peaky Blinders

  • [repeated line]

    various characters: [quoting the poem/hymn by Christina Rossetti] "In the Bleak Midwinter..."