Literature is a battle!

Cristian 2022-04-20 09:01:10

I should have seen this movie at the end of last year, and I haven't rewatched it recently.
And the reason I'm thinking about this movie now is that a character from my movie often pops into my head, when I wake up in the morning to brush my teeth, when I take off my pants and read a magazine.

It should be more accurate to say that the state he presented in the film will always appear in my mind. I'm not talking about the hero and heroine, I'm talking about Hemingway in the play.

After seeing the Hemingway portrayed in the film, I connected him with the original Hemingway in my head. The Hemingway in my head is an old man, probably because I watched it first, and only watched The Old Man and the Sea. Other than that, there are two fragments. One is when Hemingway was a young man hiding in a utility room and secretly aiming a gun at his father, of course, without pulling the trigger in the end. The other is that he is alone in his room, or playing a sandbag or dueling himself. The former is what I often use to illustrate a man's relationship with his father. The latter is part of my admiration for him who will always fight with others to see who is more condescending after he has finished various mistresses.

The biggest difference between the Hemingway in this film and the Hemingway I imagined is that the "Hemingway" shown here is a Hemingway who fought for literature. It turns out that in his eyes, writing is a kind of battle, and literature is a kind of battle! He's going to write better than other writers, and he's going to beat them! Just like when Jacky Cheung released a new album, he immediately asked Alan Tam, Leslie Cheung or Andy Lau what the album sales were. Hemingway didn't pay attention to the sales of his books, but he was eager to see whether his works beat other great writers of his generation!

I think this state is a bunker! Writing is the same as finding someone to fight, the purpose is to defeat the opponent and defeat the self. But I still don't know how to use writing to beat others, how to measure this, I don't want other people's answers, I want Hemingway's answer.

Also, the big nosed Spaniard is ugly, I mean the image in the movie, I mean Picasso.

Go to sleep, good night.

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  • Ahmad 2022-03-25 09:01:05

    It turned out to be a traversal film! The opening scene is beautiful, and the French first lady's cameo is also beautiful, but the actor is too unpopular, and he walks too ugly, not to mention dementia, I am really worried that the corners of his mouth will come out at any time.

  • Layne 2022-03-23 09:01:14

    There is nothing moving, just posturing by passing through and resurrecting various celebrities.

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