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After thinking about it for two days and a few more bb words, Harry Potter copyright warning Snowflake Goddess Dragon Avengers cheap move (or costly from a certain point of view?) fan service (I heard the people I love and I am satisfied)

But I still cried, scolded and laughed. I have spoken. JJ is desperate. The rhythm is fast. There is no way to make everyone happy, so make everyone happy and suffocated. Own

The I am sentence is not an mcu patent. I am the Senate is so suitable to put it here, it will give people the feeling of embarrassing to burn for the sake of burning.

Can't talk with the predisney era. The latter three self-contained can understand the pressure he faces and the difficulty of writing the finale of Skywalker. This part still can't pull passers-by into the pit. In terms of setting, the starting point of metaphysics is Chinese and online. At least I didn't see the TCW mortis used by living force in the Jedi path and book of sith, but it was used in the trio of TCW mortis. come suddenly

To say that the force binary, the son the daughter, is not more binary, reylo and reylo are originally gray, but it is not clear.

Star Wars' best villain, Pa Huang, became a tool man, I'd rather he was just a pretense

In addition, in the end, I still return to jedi's endless life. Sith is to never come. To a certain extent, I talked about the dialectics of black and white, but the time is too tight and there is not enough space to reflect it.

In the end, reylo and reylo are two people together. Isn't it fragrant? It must still be white and black. There is no real breakthrough, but the two parts of one protagonist are destined to be treated like this. Time is not enough

This is a smart and easy way to deal with Leia

I don't think that the bloody reylo that kisses the dog is enough for the final Tatooine Ben's heroic spirit to appear. At least a hint? ? Of course, it's better to fight side by side instead of 1VN.

But I did save the one he loved..

It has been more than 30 years to realize the closed loop of redemption, and it is a pity that it still depends on life to let fans calm down

I'm more looking forward to seeing two people coexisting with light and dark return to the Jedi era than the Milky Way Romeo and Juliet

I don't want rey to continue to eat sand alone for more than ten years

And it makes Anakin even more miserable, and the Skywalkers are very, very miserable, and Palpatine is miserable too.

Finally every trailer Luke's words cover the plot

A thousand generations live in you now.

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  • Irma 2021-10-20 19:00:26

    The text is procrastinated, the imagination is scarce, and the philosophical speculation no longer exists. After passing through the really lackluster first two acts, the third act is the real disaster. The old drama of moving rescuers is not even as convincing as "Wandering Earth", and the decisive battle between Pa Huang and Rey copied Thanos vs. Iron Man. , Without changing the conjunction (I am the collection of Sith-I'm inevitable; I am the collection of Jedi-I'm ironman). The movie Ribo asked Lan: "You had nothing, how did you win?" Let me tell you, because they have George Lucas!

  • Drake 2021-10-20 19:00:26

    There is 1 star to commemorate the end of this 42-year legend. 9 itself is all kinds of life and death, as long as the audience is not shocked, then immediately go to death, all the characters you can think of are dead and alive, you must be shocked! I'm really surprised...Each generation has its own legend, don't force your life to continue.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker quotes

  • Emperor Palpatine: You will take the throne. It is your birthright to rule here. It is in your blood. Our blood.

  • Emperor Palpatine: Your hatred, your anger. You want to kill me. That is what I want. Kill me... and my spirit will pass into you. As all the Sith live in me... you will be Empress... we will be one.