Writing a script like this should really be done by all the screenwriters

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2019 is a year in which the ending of the movie appeared significantly. There are two kinds of them, and the first one is only this one. A movie like Avengers 4 has double-received box office and satisfactory results. The second one is the other one, Bingxueqi. Fate 2, X-Men Dark Phoenix, and, Star Wars 9, I really want to know how the people who wrote these scripts came up with the idea of ​​making so many magnificent series IPs like this

Actually, I wanted to start writing this movie review a long time ago, but I have no choice but to delay it until now, because I have been thinking about avoiding the fact that Star Wars 9 is really pulling my hips. War, before the release of ep9, I even supplemented the settings and learned a lot of Star Wars knowledge. These are things I have not learned in the past ten years. During this period, I supplemented The Mandalorian and watched Star Wars more or less. The Clone Wars animation, once thought of Star Wars as one's own, kept benefiting other people's Star Wars series, just to have hope on the day that seems to end, it is conceivable that more than 50 days before the release of this film, I How anxious, how impatient, not to mention more than 50 days now, more than 8 months have passed since this movie

That's it for the previous review, there are some things I have to say

The biggest problem is that in 2019, with countless literary and artistic works bombarding our eyeballs, and today with so many elaborate setting of worldview and character arcs, there is still a work with one of the 25th largest IPs in the world, telling an extremely monotonous, extremely Barren adventure stories, three-stage treasure hunts, useless character arcs, and badass villains have created a lot of plot bugs

To give the simplest example, Bo's girlfriend, the black female who revolted with Finn, what are the two of them doing? These characters with no character arcs, extremely thin backgrounds, and no role in the plot, since they appear stacked in a movie at the end of 2019, can they sell their feelings? No, can people like to leave blank space for these characters and have infinite reverie? No, they are just NPCs in a map, and even Lando, who participated in the original Star Wars decades ago, is exactly the same as them in terms of scenes. After explaining the plot, go to the next map, not to mention Lando's ooc The question, maybe it's old age and indifference after seeing through the world? The only two characters you have that can sell your feelings can't be sold, so treat them like this? As a general of the largest military group in the galaxy, Hux's petty behavior and style make it seem like a farce, which not only reminds me of the holographic illusion of snooker when I first watched ep7, so huge , so mysterious, it's a pity that it ended up like this

Laiya, the only person who sold the character's feelings, died in the rebel base for no reason. If I just arrange this paragraph and set the stage for the plot, I can accept it properly, but no, Laiya's death is actually related to the good and evil turns of Cairo people. , that's not over yet, after the abrupt plot kill ended the decisive battle of reylo, the people of Cairo suddenly achieved fine points, seeing the old Solo's earnest teachings, what method do you use to deal with this, it is better than this? Memories and killings are no better than Cairo's shrewdness, and at the same time, they can also lead to the passage of the past. What was the past of the Cairo people? What kind of father is Solo? These buried and dusty past events, the quiet years after the war, the crises dormant in the dark, sigh, Solo, are you a Jedi heroic spirit?

Palpatine's granddaughter is Rey, so far-fetched Mary Sue's lineage theory, actually in a late 2019 movie, by the way, brought two parents who have no sense of existence, the background of metaphysics, more than metaphysics, has reached magic But even if it is magical, it will not bring a trace of coolness to people. The constant speculation of previous concepts has not brought new ideas and ideas. Such a superposition of cold meals will only leave people behind no matter what. The impression that the creativity is exhausted, the star destroyers that are fried with cold rice, probably know that the large bases that will be launched are already tiresome, and they are covered with a large number of star destroyers that have not changed at all, but these star destroyers actually have only one navigator. The mobility that guides you to move slowly, but also in the dark Sith planet, Reylo's dualism of the force, the lightning block of Palpatine, the final order of changing colors and not explaining the origin, these will only appear How empty is a galaxy, the story of only two families in such a long time, and the troops on an ancient planet can be knocked down by almost repeated civilian ships, not to mention the almost identical drama at the end of ep3, and it will not show off when selling feelings , the heroic spirit invited by the dubbing only boosts morale

Finally, let's talk about reylo, reylo, the cp pair has been discussing since 16 years, it was hot for a time, and even reached a climax in ep8, their existence is taboo and rebellious, they have a hidden and narrow connection, inseparable and impossible Close, even if their ending is tragic, I can still understand, to put it bluntly, reylo is the blue rabbit and black tiger without the rainbow cat queen, I ate the sugar, but unfortunately this pair of CP brought me surprises and feelings, But I can't come back. The large number of reylo-related fans around ep9 is also one of the few consolations for me.

Sw9 is destined not to give people a story that has a beginning and an end, and everything is almost over, and ep1 to ep6 itself is a complete story, and ep7 is also a story that emerged years later, but he did not propose a new concept, and did not excavate before. The original idea left over from the six films, he is at most a full stop at the end of the Star Wars trilogy where there is almost no coincidence factor.

But unfortunately, these trilogy have been left in this world forever, they cannot be changed, and they have far-reaching influence. What is presented to the new generation audience is such a film, can they be moved by it? Are you impressed by things? This is the point that ep7 to 9 lack the most and don't care about

The evil Disney, a product that is completely out of order, has not thought about, and has not adjusted, even if it is criticized and made into a prequel trilogy of various memes by countless die-hard fans, it also brings us new ideas, infinite The reverie, a world view that can be equal to the real story, brings fresh blood to Star Wars, brings Clone Wars animation, clones, Ahsoka, young Anakin and Obi-Wan, times have changed in Star Wars, the times The sigh of sinking, even if Ahsoka's glimpse at the end of ep9, and r2d2 watching Leia's birth and death, can bring me a touch, if the characters in the sequel are really exciting, the Star Wars works a few years later In this book, we will feel the same idea when we look at the post-biography elements of right and wrong. It’s a pity that the post-biography has misappropriated too much of the original content, but his own style and characteristics are so empty.

Star Wars will not end, the original force's song is still sung, maybe it's like a Star Wars fan who watched Star Wars 7 in advance because of illness in 16 years and was very satisfied. In the days to come, there are still ardent Star Wars fans watching the new Star Wars work. I have to say that it is both a pity and a blessing. After all, watching the preview of Star Wars 7 seems like yesterday. Imagine what it's like to watch the end of the series coming out in a few years, near the end of the decade

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    It's too sentimental, and it is obvious that the director makes the old role as much as possible. Palpatine's return became a clue throughout the film, and the appearance of Han Solo was an important turning point for the film. "Star Wars 7" and "Star Wars 8" Chubacca and C-3PO, who have a weak sense of existence, have more stories. Lando and Chubacca brought resistance forces across the universe. Leia’s funeral was an instant of tears, and Luke appeared in the form of a Jedi hero, preventing Rey’s blackening. Then he raised his spaceship with the force, and finally accomplished what he could not do in "Star Wars V". Luke and Leia also appeared when they were young, and the voices of all the Jedi Knights in the universe made people cry. It turned out that Palpatine didn't lie to Anakin. The Force could indeed bring people back to life, but it was the Force of Light. At the end of the story, Rey buried the lightsabers of Luke and Leia in Tatooine, the hometown of Anakin and Luke. Everything originated in Tatooine and ended in Tatooine. After the bi is back to Zhao, the fallen leaves are back to the roots. The story of Luke, Leia, and Han Solo is over, but the story of Skywalker is not over yet, it has just begun.

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    Hahahaha finally turned into a pedigree theory, and it was not politically correct. A white woman, a little black, a Latino, and then an Asian woman playing soy sauce, the political diversity that can really catch the prescription. It's the character Xiaohei who writes badly and shunguai (without such a prophet), so don't make it up like this, what's the strength? I didn't expect it to be a treasure hunting adventure...I might as well watch Marvel.

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  • Emperor Palpatine: You will take the throne. It is your birthright to rule here. It is in your blood. Our blood.

  • Emperor Palpatine: Your hatred, your anger. You want to kill me. That is what I want. Kill me... and my spirit will pass into you. As all the Sith live in me... you will be Empress... we will be one.