Allow me to give ten stars!

Lorna 2022-04-20 09:01:10

Maybe it’s the first time I’ve watched a 4k3D action movie on VR, or maybe it’s because I was embarrassed by the peak at the cinema and became phobia of domestic movies.

Anyway, the Venom viewing experience tonight is so good (I watched it on iQIYI vr in Oculus quest2, it is extremely inconvenient to download movies from skybox and there is a problem with the screen ratio to watch movies, I recommend iQIYI) Dolby sound is really good It's not a cover, put on the headset and I'm the master of whoring in the cinema. Hehe

Well, back to the movie itself. I've always wanted to watch Venom, but Naihe always felt that watching this kind of film on a small device was a waste. ! !

Talk about the countless advantages of this movie

1. The male protagonist Tang Tian is so cute and cute

2. The action scenes are very enjoyable! I was screaming in the dorm because of several exciting scenes (such as one falling from a building)

3. The plot is compact, there is no urine point in the whole process, and one link is linked. As for logic, I usually don’t use my brain when watching this type of film. As long as it’s not obvious logic bugs, I don’t care too much about it. The mentally retarded plot of the domestic movie that is just laughing at the audience's IQ is so embarrassing that the whole process supports the forehead and sighs helplessly)

4. The emotional drama is quite brilliant! Yes, the best part of this action movie is the emotional scene. Generally, in action films, because the fighting + main story takes up a lot of space, the emotional line is extremely compressed, and it is difficult for the film to show moving feelings. But this movie depicts the feelings of the male and female protagonists, especially the relationship between the male protagonist and Venom, quite full (this is the acting skills of Hollywood stars, a few lines and eyes can express everything) The last sentence of Venom: xxx Goodbye really makes me cry, I can't bear such a cute Venom (of course, he came back in the end, and was the screenwriter put it together again?)

I wanted to talk about the shortcomings, but I couldn't find them. As an action movie, it is already close to full marks.

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  • Alivia 2022-03-22 09:01:11

    So if Mr. Tang makes a girlfriend in the future, do you have to 3P...

  • Fidel 2022-03-20 09:01:11

    Never thought that venom could be more attractive than sweet soup. Subwoofer, high EQ, wide shoulders, narrow buttocks, big eyes, good teeth, and a trick to control the enemy's life, what a great plug-in. The female venom is a pleasant surprise, and the dream of crowdfunding hair transplant for Invincible Harrison has finally come true. The two easter eggs are still Marvel-style brainless stimulation in general, and Mr. Tang is still suitable for a character who doesn't talk hard. Tencent is awesome!

Venom quotes

  • [Eddie/Venom beats up Dr. Drake's men]

    Venom: Outstanding. Now, let's bite all their heads off, and pile them up in the corner.

    Eddie Brock: Why would we do that?

    Venom: Pile of bodies, pile of heads.

  • Venom: Listen carefully, Eddie. You did not find us. WE found you. Think of yourself as my ride.

    Eddie Brock: Where are you going?

    Venom: We need Carlton Drake's rocket. You remember him.

    Eddie Brock: How do you even know about that?

    Venom: I know everything, Eddie.

    Eddie Brock: You do?

    Venom: Everything about you.

    Eddie Brock: How?

    Venom: I am inside your head. You are a loser, Eddie.