On Earth's Strongest Beast

Gussie 2022-04-20 09:01:09

A brilliant decent should have a strong villain as a foil, and if the villain is too useless, the decent will not appear so tall. In this film, MUTO has almost no solution, with thick skin and high armor, high physical output, and full-screen magic damage. I feel that Luye's work is definitely done enough. My immediate reaction at the movie theater was, "It's cool! It's very strong! But why isn't it in the shape of a dinosaur? Uh... well, it seems that he has just been resurrected and hasn't gained muscle yet... so it's not Godzilla." Then such a strong husband and wife team, the stronger one was only mouth-exploded by Godzilla. Mouth explosion is not enough, you must break your mouth, it reminds me of the scene of Brother King Kong's angry fork Tyrannosaurus rex. Could it be that the ultimate pose skill to show male power is it, hahaha.
Then I watched the old wet Godzilla movie review and found that King Kong and Godzilla fought a long time ago. This little secret of breaking the mouth to show the hormones of the most heroic and manly man on earth, I don't know who is stealing from whom. In view of the fact that Godzilla has been immortal in the earth for tens of thousands of years, and has traveled across the ocean from the east to the west. Godzilla stole King Kong.

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  • Joe Brody: I have to go back to our house. I need my old disks, if they're still there. I need the data to be able to prove a baseline here that this isn't a fantasy, that I'm not what you think I am. I'm gonna find the truth and end this. Whatever it takes.

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