How we make monsters

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People all over the world love to create monsters. From ancient times to the present, Tianma has always been in the air. Tianma is actually a monster, and the one who can do Meteor Boxing is not counted.

The Chinese people prefer to create monsters. Our ancestors hunted a lot of turtles and vertebrates.

For example, when the Yellow Emperor fought against Chiyou, it is said that the Chiyou family is an outlier who flies sand, chews copper and breaks gold. "Journal of Beginners" says that "Chiyou comes from amniotic fluid, with eight arms, eight toes, and a sparse head." It is simply a "human-faced spider". At that time, there were no pictures and no truth. Chi You might not be a monster, but he must be ugly.

There are also monsters in Zhuangzi's "Xiaoyaoyou", Kunpeng strikes 80,000 miles, romantic horror.

Later, "Shan Hai Jing" appeared, which satisfied the curiosity of ancient readers. Although the author of this book cannot be verified, he is very smart. On the surface, it is a geography textbook, and it is full of legends of humans and beasts. "The son of the Lishan clan, Qingyu has a human face and a horse body." This kind of monster log reflects the simple naturalism and awe-filled mysticism of that generation, whether it is the Egyptian sphinx, the Nordic centaur, or the Chinese unicorn, Japan. Tengu, like tangrams, are grafted and hybridized through permutation and combination.

The "Shan Hai Jing" as an extracurricular book continued to sell well until Ganbao was born. In order to prove that there were no ghosts in the world, this feudal atheist wrote a book called "Sou Shen Ji" that caught the attention of publishers. Gan Jiang Mo Xie", the most exciting is the various monsters in "Change". The common people are not happy to read it, which has led to "Sou Shen Ji" becoming one of the most copied novels in Chinese history. At that time, there was no signing event, no Weibo, and Gan Bao could not see through the fakes in the hands of female fans like Han Han at a glance, and could only breathe. Later, under Jiuquan, I watched "Continued Sou Shen Ji" and "So Shen General Ji" leeks were published one after another.

Later, "Strange Tales from a Liaozhai" climbed to the peak in the history of Chinese monsters, but the science of monster manufacturing declined. In his novels, Pu Songling prefers to describe the unrequited love of ghosts. The viscous resistance of Eastern Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism makes the monsters on this soil suffer from malnutrition. There is Wu Chengen who regained a city through "Journey to the West", but in the final analysis, the Nine Nine Eighty-One Difficulties in the West is nothing but a masquerade ball in the workplace under the Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.

The Japanese picked up the baton for making monsters, and absorbed a lot of nutrition from China's Dongdu just like their national culture. You can see the shadow of the Han Dynasty, smell the taste of the Tang Dynasty, and hear the voice of the Ming Dynasty. In the "Hundred Ghosts Night Tour", Xiaodouxi, Kappa, or Snow Maiden, Shanmu, Fagui, are mixed with bitter resentment and karma. Monsters lack the drive to evolve.

The advent of the industrialized society opened the door to the science of monster manufacturing. Modern medicine in the West gave the stagnant ghost stories the hope of mutation. Frankenstein, as the first artificially created monster, also became the on-screen monster. of evergreen trees.

The emergence of Frankenstein is attributed to the perfection of the European Ripper. This monster has been constantly changing and upgrading since it appeared in 1910. The age of the screen is more than 100 years old. Compared with him, Godzilla can only be a younger brother.

Some people say that the birth of Godzilla came from "King Kong", which inspired the Japanese, but the real reason for the birth of this prehistoric monster is "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" who fell from high altitude. Two atomic bombs destroyed Dongfang Risheng The confidence of the empire, the good people turned into ghosts in the mushroom cloud, and Godzilla crawled out of the shadow of death.

From the release of "Godzilla" in Japan in 1954, until today's Neon Kingdom Godzilla is sixty-sixty. And its distant cousin in Hollywood, which debuted in 1998, is still underage according to human lifespan.

When I met the first American Godzilla, VCD and Super Jieba were occupying every Chinese living room and computer. Hollywood at the time was still obsessed with one thing: resurrecting dinosaurs. After "Jurassic Park" exploded, the producer's request for investment was as simple as two words, that is, there should be "monsters". The entire West is obsessed with archaeological science fiction, adults and children screaming at the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the movie theater together, and museums are so crowded on weekends that Ross in "Friends" is also positioned by the screenwriter as a dinosaur obsessed nerd. I deeply understand this upsurge. At the same time on the west coast of the ocean, more people are obsessed with "God of Gamblers" and "The Holy Gambler". Teenagers don't go to museums. We like to take toothpicks and find out the fishing poker at home. Shaking the cards to the point of smoking.

The first "Godzilla" due to the collective dinosaur craze in the United States made the original monsters of Madiin Japan become enlarged versions of Cretaceous, Triassic, and Jurassic creatures, so that Japan's Toho Company refused to admit this extra. Godzilla's identity. Moreover, after more than a dozen "Godzilla" movies, the monsters that were originally a symbol of nuclear radiation fear have been domesticated into good pets fighting side by side with the Ultras. Godzilla, although this Godzilla devastated the world and turned the United States upside down on behalf of Japan, the continuous protests of the brainless fans and the unsatisfactory box office brought about by the protests eventually led to the miscarriage of the sequel.

It can be said that Godzilla is to Japan what a panda is to China, and there is no sand in his eyes. Americans are very smart and learn from their lessons. Later, although "Kung Fu Panda" distorted the cute black and white fat man into a non-stop rap, but it is a positive and typical advanced character.

So the Americans recreated Godzilla, from body to soul. This monster is no longer a relative of the Velociraptor. The new version of Godzilla knows how to play sumo together with the eight-legged monster MUTO. When Jet Li finished fighting Ma Jingtao, he learned to walk around when he encountered an American aircraft carrier. Even more powerful, but looking at its sturdy back and small head, how do you see how this monster looks cute.

When Matthew Broderick starred in the first "Godzilla", he signed a trilogy contract as usual. Sixteen years later, the agreement fell through. Become a Breaking Bad. However, Matthew doesn't need to be frustrated. Judging from the current performance of "Godzilla", Kick-off King Aaron Taylor may not be able to escape the fate of being caught in the middle of the broadcast.

The director Gareth, who made his fortune on the small-production movie "Monster", is used to spending small money. Faced with the sudden favor of Hollywood's huge investment, he became Song Dandan in "Personal Customization" overnight. Monster lovers and Godzilla fans flocked to the movie theater excitedly. As a result, in 130 minutes, Godzilla became a rare egg flower in the seaweed egg soup in the college cafeteria. If you encounter fast-forward fans who download and watch the movie , you will really appreciate the anger of "you don't see the meat buns after a bite, and then you bite the fuck out".

We can forgive that there is no wife in the wife cake. After all, it is illegal to buy and sell people; but the monsters in "Godzilla" are shy, and the audience is very unhappy.

But I'm still looking forward to the comeback of 2016's Godzilla 2, after all, making and watching monsters stems from our increasingly sophisticated curiosity. Godzillas have liberated us from the life of chicken feathers. In their world, high-rise buildings collapse and the sky is dark. No matter how bad this kind of movie is, it is better than our Chinese audience watching the struggle of another monster on TV all day long. 10,000 times more fun.

Monsters made in China, fighting secretly in the living room, bickering in the kitchen, tearing at each other in the corridors and alleys, are usually two females, one old and one young. Generally, we collectively call them "mother-in-law drama"...

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