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Hyman 2022-04-19 09:01:14

After reading the reviews, the differences are serious. Some viewers who gave low scores felt that there were loopholes and logical problems in the film, and some felt that there were problems with the three views of the film. OK, these do exist in the movie, but

1. It is not necessary to find the philosophy and meaning of life in movies.

Movies aren't a necessity, and you don't eat for hunger and nutrition, so there's no point in forcing meaning in movies.

2. Can only the correct three views be expressed?

Obviously not, just as our lives are not all right and just, and the concept of right and right itself is also relatively wrong and evil. Wrong views are not worth advocating, but if everyone in this world is right, how do you know that you are right?

3. Movies are artistic creations that originate from life and are higher than life.

It was originally an imaginary creation. If you care too much about the common sense and plot in the movie, then don't watch the movie, just watch the news. How many movies are there to watch if it is played according to the reality?

A thousand spectators have a thousand Hamlets. Yes, everyone has their own preferences and priorities, but there is really no need to eat a hamburger and say why it is not nutritious.


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