Thanks, see the good side of things first

Kiera 2022-04-21 09:01:13

Gratitude, you need to see what you have first, be grateful for everything you have, life, health, money, family, friends, work, social environment, etc., everything is created by people, not born , so we have to thank ourselves, but also to thank others.

If we don't give thanks, then the part we have originally will wither like a flower. Whether it is life or money and friends, it will depreciate in value, and gratitude will add value to these. We will have more stuff.

But why don't we do it? Because our hearts are occupied by other things, our hearts are occupied by self-pity, we get a part, we don't see the part we get, we always see the part we don't get, because we feel sorry for ourselves.

So why do we feel sorry for ourselves? Because we have encountered bad things, and the hurt that has been done to us has formed an impression on us.

The bad thing is that in the process of growing up, all others, including family members, if they are not good to us, we will hurt ourselves, then we will feel sorry for ourselves, then we will not see the good side, then we will not be grateful, and then we will get less , forming a vicious cycle. On the contrary, people in a good family don’t feel hurt at the beginning, and they don’t feel sorry for themselves. Instead, they feel that they are very happy. They can see their own good things. cycle.

So love is the reason for all this, but not knowing love is because you haven't learned it, especially from your family, so it's passed down from the previous generation, so the emotion of not knowing love can be passed down from generation to generation like a seed .

So to change, you need to stop this kind of spread, cut off the poisonous seeds that don’t understand love, see the good side of things, start with yourself, this is difficult, just like the bad habits formed over the years, it also takes a long time Years to form another good habit.

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