Why crows are like writing desks.

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I originally thought it was just a fairy tale, but I saw a love that seemed to be inexhaustible. The weakest part of man is reluctance. I am reluctant to bear the familiar edges and corners, I am reluctant to join hands with my son in those years, I am reluctant to bear the applause that blossoms and bear fruit, and I am reluctant to bear the coolness under the shade of a tree. Because of covetousness, we hold back, and because of cowardice, we can't face time, and we even hope that time will stop. Don't listen, don't ask, don't care. Tightly tugging at the corner of the loved one's clothes, timidly asking the other party to promise over and over again that they will not forget, love forever.... His face was purer than a pet, and his eyes were purer than the sky. He has large gaps between his front teeth and his hairstyle is exaggerated. He looks like a sad dark humor. He is definitely not the most handsome prince, nor the most powerful knight. He was crazy, and he said he wanted to dance the best dance on the day of the final battle when he was victorious. When everyone questioned Alice, he said, even if everyone didn't believe her, I knew she was Alice, and I could always recognize her at a glance. He is just him, an ordinary person who can make different beautiful hats, everyone calls him the Mad Hatter. She found his lost hat and went to visit him, but quietly put the hat aside without saying a word. This is a little girl's unique romantic thought. When he was anxious, frantic and helpless, he began to question himself. She just put the hat on his head, smiled and said to him that the most special person is a lunatic. I think this is the warmest love story. When she always thought that this was her dream, he asked her worriedly and sadly, "Then I don't exist? Am I just your imagination?" What a silly Mad Hatter. That is, when such a foolish Mad Hatter knew that Alice could not be kept, he just said softly, "You will forget me". It's a last humble hold on knowing that there is a hopeless separation that is about to come. At first I guessed that this is a tragic little character who will be sacrificed for the battle by a compassionate warrior, but when the Mad Hatter painted his face with exaggerated and witty oil paint, his eyes sparkled with crystal light, but he couldn't tell whether he was smiling or looking sadly. Alice, when I said "you'll forget me" so seriously and sadly, my eyes turned red. You will forget me. In the next second, in the corner, in the next year, in the future, when you meet someone else, when you leave here and return to reality, in every time when you are in a hurry. You will forget me, in the snowy days. I will forget you too, after you forget me. Why is the crow like a writing desk? The mad hatter is always muttering to himself. And it's not fully expressed in the movie. In fact, when Alice first came to Wonderland when she was a child, she liked the Mad Hatter very much, and the Mad Hatter also liked Alice very much. When little Alice said to the Mad Hatter one day, "I like you", the Mad Hatter was surprised. Ask her why. Alice said, because crows are like writing desks. The Mad Hatter asked why the crow looked like a writing desk. Alice said because I like you. There is no reason for a crow to be like a writing desk, and there is no reason to like a person either. At the end of the fairy tale, I thought she would not go, I thought she would come back. But she didn't. The fire tree and silver flower never sleep, if you don't have that person by your side, all you have is loneliness. Give me a Mad Hatter and I'll like him more than Alice.

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    Does anyone think the White Queen misses Yao Chen especially?

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    It's like going back to childhood, the former Snow White and Cinderella, and the dreamland of Alice that will be unforgettable for a lifetime!

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  • Stayne - Knave of Hearts: Well, if it isn't my favorite trio... of lunatics.

  • Stayne - Knave of Hearts: You're all mad.

    The March Hare: Thanks very much.