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Cathy 2022-04-22 07:01:03

I originally planned to watch this movie in the cinema last year, but for some reason I gave up at that time, so I postponed it until the movie channel aired today.
This film is the second Disney animation with a strong Pixar feel after Bolt. In fact, I already realized this in the plot summary released at the beginning of the film's production, so I was not surprised when I saw the finished film. After reading it, I feel that I should comment as a player and Disney animation fan, and have no intention to discuss the plot connotation of the film.

The "video game world" shown in the film is actually a video game world built on Disney World. The three main games in the film: Fix-It Felix, Jr., Hero's Duty and Sugar Rush are not the reality before. The games that exist in the world, as for the games that exist in reality, are just soy sauce in the film. But despite this, these three games made up by Disney are largely born out of real games. For example, Hero's Duty is almost a combination of an FPS and a bullet hell shooter. The prototype of Sugar Rush is even better - Mario Kart (or "running kart"). As for the prototype of Fix-It Felix, Jr., let's sell it first and reveal it later.

However, the most important of these 3 games is not the titled game Fix-It Felix, Jr., but Sugar Rush, because only this game represents Disney itself:
When I played Disney-themed games before, I had seen some candy world scenes, and these scenes left a deep impression on me. After watching Disney's early animated short, "The Cookie Carnival," I finally understood where these scenes came from, and I didn't expect Disney's candy tradition to be so early. This game is very much really a 3D rendition of "The Cookie Carnival". More importantly, the cream castle on the top of the mountain is a complete replica of the castle on the Disney logo. The same situation also appeared in the game's girl Vannilu, here she can be said to be an insinuation of Cinderella, her racing car represents Cinderella's ball dress, and she finally regained the identity of the princess but It also corresponds to the experience of Cinderella finally becoming a princess.

I heard that the film failed to let Mario play a lot because of the relationship that was not negotiated. However, after watching the film, I found that Disney played a trick here - let Mario possess Felix: Felix's actions in the game are almost completely a replica of Mario, and even his image is a bit like Mario. Who is Ralph referring to? From his image, it is obvious - Donkey Kong, he really looks like that gorilla with his hands up. In this way, Fix-It Felix, Jr. is alluding to the first generation of Donkey Kong (more than 30 years ago). But if you say that, the identities of Donkey Kong Jr. Donkey Kong Jr. and Mario in the sequel launched in the same year have completely lost their roles, but in this film Ralph has been carrying the villain identity for 30 years...

Overall, this film, Feelings are more meaningful. In contrast, it is estimated that old game players or Disney animation fans are more likely to praise this film. Although I am also a player, I think it is more appropriate to give such an evaluation. In other words, Disney has cooperated with Swicker Enix to launch the game "Kingdom Hearts" before, and let all of Disney's classic characters play soy sauce in the game. If there is a sequel, should this film also let "Final Fantasy" The characters show their faces here.

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  • Hope 2022-03-23 09:01:14

    Brother also showed off this time and watched the screening

  • Janiya 2022-03-23 09:01:14

    The graphics and the soundtrack are praised, the story is too boring, and it is only expected that Disney’s centuries-old stupid mode will change to a sugar coat. The Chinese dubbing seriously affects the look and feel! ! !

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