A second of hesitation, a life and death

Hunter 2022-04-20 09:01:07

I love movies like this, where humanity can be seen.
I haven’t watched many war movies, but just watch this one, and you can fully understand that war is equal to death, equal to bullets, equal to the unsustainable emotions, equal to the tears of relatives in the hometown, equal to all the cruel and sinister collections in the world, equal to prayer, It is equal to dedication, equal to the struggle of wit and courage, equal to implicated innocent people, equal to murder, equal to sacrifice, equal to crying and screaming, equal to holding your breath when approaching step by step, equal to morphine, equal to marijuana, equal to leeches, equal to overwhelming loneliness, It is equivalent to a heavy mountain forest, it is equivalent to marching on foot day after day, it is equivalent to forcing the upper eyelid to leave the lower eyelid, it is equivalent to artillery fire falling from the sky, it is equivalent to the broken limbs of a comrade-in-arms, it is equivalent to endless remorse, it is equivalent to... a second of hesitation , equivalent to a life and death.
The poster is the last shot of Sergeant Elias surviving the war. He was not killed by the enemy's Vietnamese soldiers, but by his own Barnes. In a fierce encounter, Elias, relying on his combat experience and wisdom, went around the enemy's flank alone and eliminated a force. On the way back, he met Barnes who came to look for him, separated by dozens of meters of bushes, he smiled at his comrades and put down the gun. At this moment, Barnes pulled the trigger and fired With three shots, Elias collapsed.
Barnes Gao Elias is a first-level official, but he is jealous of his prestige, wisdom and bravery, and because of the latest conflict, he is determined to get rid of Elias. In the last battle, the field platoon entered a village. vietnamese" and "Taylor, are you gay?" The pictures alternate between several scenes, the scenes are chaotic, and the sounds of various languages ​​are chaotic and harsh. It is difficult for people to remain rational in such an environment.
Barnes shot and killed a gray-haired, Vietnamese-speaking old woman whose son had just been beaten to death by soldiers, and was planning to wipe out the entire village. Elias rushed forward and grabbed Barnes. , to stop him from killing innocent people again, "Whoever kills innocent people should wait for court-martial", the two fought together.
In the jungle, the two were only 100 meters apart. Elias put down his gun with confidence, smiled at Barnstein, and the bullets flew in, killing him.
After the troops retreated and got on the helicopter and flew off the ground, someone called out, "Look, Elias!" Barnes's color changed instantly, and he saw dozens of Vietnamese soldiers on the ground chasing Elia, who was covered in blood. Si, he was still trying to live, insisting on running away, at this time he was seriously injured and could not continue. Everyone on the plane witnessed his death - the last moment of a hero - heroic, tragic and unforgettable.
In a subsequent battle, Tyler did not hesitate to kill Barnes, who was lying on the ground dying, with blood for blood.
At the end of the film, there is a line of words: "Salute to all those who died in the Vietnam War", just a few letters, like a snow-white shroud covering the entire war. Silent.
"The Vietnam War was the wrong war." "America is doomed."
"They are the poorest poor in America." "The irony is that they are fighting for freedom."

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  • Idella 2021-10-20 19:00:50

    Injustice, for whom? The wilderness is full of wars. What's the truth? Just stay alive.

  • Kendall 2021-10-20 19:00:30

    I think now, looking back, we did not fight the enemy, we fought ourselves, and the enemy was in us.

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