Tropical Shock "Thunder"

Meaghan 2022-10-25 13:09:42

Watching this film has the following pleasures:

1. Guess who is who. Dozens of stars will perform subversive performances. Guess it all and you will hate it. I admit that there is a BOSS-level star that everyone on earth knows. I am watching the final cast list I just found out. The success of the thunder hit me.

2, "Fighting Condor"-like parody and bad taste, but not completely, you can also see a small disclosure of Hollywood production insider and star gossip.

3, I solemnly launch the shocking Chinese in the film. This is the first time I found out that my Chinese listening

ability is worse than that of English listening. Don't believe me? Go try it. That 's where it starts. It's also interesting to see which films are being satirized. The

films have a lot to offer, but we can't ask for too much,

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  • Ludwig 2022-05-18 22:16:05

    All this is really great...!

  • Vaughn 2022-05-18 15:15:06

    Like, spoof, cult, war. . . This film is difficult to categorize

Tropic Thunder quotes

  • Les Grossman: [talking to Peck] Look fuck-stick, I'm incredibly busy, so why don't you get the hell out of here before I snap your dick off and jam it into your ass.

    Les Grossman: [Peck looks dumbfounded] No, not you Helen, but I will rip your tits off if you don't get me those theatres.

  • Kirk Lazarus: Here's my motherfuckin' farm!