There are already signs of decline in the Hollywood film industry

Gerardo 2022-04-22 07:01:03

The film takes the Cold War period as the story background, the theme is loneliness, dumb, gay, spies, water monsters, everyone is an outlier in society and needs a lot of time to get along with themselves. The tone of the film is very rich, and the director will tell the story through the color. The music is also full and dense, a little breathless for the audience. The film once again pays homage to Hollywood in the same way. The film is a sci-fi thriller and bloody, and the second half is even a bit brutal. The plot is coincidental and deliberate. The whole reflects the Hollywood film industry very well: the technology is perfect, the plot is compact, the audio-visual is full, and there is nothing new, so it responds. There are already signs of the decline of the Hollywood film industry.

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  • Lottie 2022-03-21 09:01:14

    But if you look at this story as a dark fairy tale, it does not have the elements that are often found in fairy tales. It is only beautiful and romantic enough, with the usual monster complex and fascinating feelings of the director of Gyro. The director's hobbies give this story more interest. The director's style ensures that the film is unique in image and aesthetics. The director's skilled narrative skills ensure that the rhythm of this Hollywood genre is extremely smooth.

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    Love is about two weirdos cuddle each other

The Shape of Water quotes

  • Strickland: But we're created in the Lord's image. You don't think that's what the Lord looks like, do you?

    Zelda: I wouldn't know, sir, what the Lord looks like.

    Strickland: Well, it's human, Zelda. He looks like a human, like me. Or even you. Maybe a little more like me, I guess.

  • Strickland: [to the General] Two fingers, yeah. He got two fingers. But I still got my thumb, my trigger, and my pussy finger.