An unhindered revenge show with full tier 3 gear

Arvilla 2022-04-23 07:01:14

My high score is entirely due to the magnificent scenery of the Mexico-US border. The framing of the picture is comparable to that of a BBC documentary. From time to time, I will take a view from a distance, which means I am really surprised~

But the storyline is really unsatisfactory. The first two-thirds of the whole process is in a state of ignorance. Like the heroine, I have no idea about the tasks that I will face. I only know the male pig's feet who work with the heroine later. It is another drug dealer. Joining the police team to find another drug dealer is also for revenge. The male protagonist hangs up all the way, holds a meeting in the motel, and catches a criminal with great fanfare and interrogates the next step, and it seems to be smooth and abnormal. Complete the mission by opening the halo.

The plot is tasteless, the reversal is not strong enough, it seems that the second half of the plot is boring, I am sleepy, including the empty gunshots in the tunnel, no enemies, and very few in the big boss's house in the later stage. The guard, there is a big drug lord's home, but there are not enough guards, the male protagonist hangs up all the time, just like the little soldier Zhang Ga that I watched when I was a child, like the devil's headquarters, it is not common sense anyway.

You can watch the film, and it’s okay to inflate the adrenaline. Next time, I will find a chance to watch the second part, hoping to have a more reversed plot.

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  • Kate Macer: Are we going to Tucson?

    Matt: Yeah, you gotta learn how to sleep on a plane. They let me on the base when you need a ride, don't they?

    Reggie Wayne: [to Kate as they approach] You okay?

    Matt: She's fine.

    Reggie Wayne: I didn't ask you.

    Matt: And yet I answered...

  • Alejandro: Fausto Alarcon "El Verdugo". Every day across that border, people are kidnapped or killed by his hand or with his blessing. To find him would be like discovering a vaccine. You understand the value of that?