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Demetrius 2022-04-19 09:01:17

A child born in a small room reminds me of the little radish head in elementary school textbooks. Jack was happier than Little Radish, at least he left the room alive.
I have watched three movies about being detained in a room for a long time, including the Korean old boy, the American version of the old boy, and this movie. The room where the mother and son are illegally imprisoned in this movie is full of childlike fun, and has all the necessities of life, and you can make your own cakes. This child has always thought that the world is so big, and everything else is on the TV. He usually exercises and plays with his mother in the room, and he fantasizes that he has a pet dog. When the old Jack came, he was put in the closet by his mother to prevent him from seeing what he should not see. It seemed like everything was normal, and I even thought it was possible that the hostess didn't feel like going back to the outside world again. But old Jack was out of work and couldn't bring them vitamins. At this time, the hostess began to plan to run away. Wanting to make the child pretend to be sick and later to pretend to be dead, Old Jack finally took the child out of the room.
Coming to the real world, the child discovers that everything on TV is real. I saw the police, doctors, blue sky, white clouds. Being so curious and so afraid of everything outside, there is always an unreal feeling. In fact, for this child, when he came out of the room, he was really locked in the room. This world was an unreal room for him, and the room he lived in before was the world he knew. Fortunately, he is still young and has not turned into plastic.
Returning to the real world, the heroine also changed from initial joy to all kinds of discomfort. Her parents divorced, her mother married again, and her father moved to live far away. The home she remembered is no longer there. , she has to face a whole new environment. But she and Jack are different. Jack only has the memory in the room. The room is his world. When he walks out, he will feel uncomfortable and need to work hard to adapt to all this, but all this is so novel. Older children are easier to integrate. But Jack's mother came out of the room into a world that was both familiar and unfamiliar. She knew that there was a bigger world outside the room, but when she came out, she found that her parents had divorced, the ice cream and the hammock were gone, and she was even more uncomfortable and desperate. So instead, she is now desperate for this world. And because he has no illusions about the outside world, little Jack needs him to take care of his mother and help her get out of that room. Finally, Jack cut off his source of power and gave it to his mother, just like the worm tooth that his mother gave him. Help my mother overcome the demons.
Finally, when the two of them returned to the room where they were imprisoned, they were completely out of the shadows. At this time, it was another snowy winter, and when they were rescued by the police from their room, there were snowflakes in the sky. This might be a cycle.

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  • Kaleb 2022-03-19 09:01:02

    It almost overlaps with my experience, and even many plots are similar. However, at the end, the little boy went back to the room and said goodbye to everything. I didn't have him so pretentious and even said it. I thought it all in my heart...

  • Darien 2021-10-20 19:00:57

    #LFF2015# The first half of the game is an interesting spot for eyeballs in the room, but after escaping from the room in the second half, it is time to decide whether the film is chicken soup or a serious drama. However, the second half surfaced all the substantive issues. The two protagonists are both top-notch. It's a pity to become a family chicken soup

Room quotes

  • Dr. Mittal: The most important thing you did was get him out while he's still plastic.

    Ma: What?

    Jack: [whispering in her ear] I'm not plastic.

    Dr. Mittal: What's that, Jack?

    Ma: He says that he's... he's real. He's not plastic.

    Dr. Mittal: Well, you got me there, Jack. You're real. And you're very brave.

  • Officer Parker: Is there daylight in your room?

    [Jack nods]

    Officer Parker: Okay, good. How many windows?

    Jack: Zero.

    Officer Parker: Well, then how does the sun come in?

    Jack: Through Skylight.

    Officer Parker: Skylight? Okay, excellent. So you live in a house with a skylight?

    Jack: No, it's not a house.

    Officer Parker: Okay.

    Jack: It's a...

    Officer Parker: Yeah?

    Jack: It's a...

    Officer Grabowski: Uh, you'd get more out of him after he's had some sleep.

    Officer Parker: Tom, give it a second.

    Jack: Room's a... a shed.