Will you choose to face it bravely - "Room" in my eyes

Macie 2022-04-20 09:01:11

Under the repeated recommendation of my friends, I opened a door and walked into the room of a drama I never liked. The

story starts from a small room. The child full of innocence excitedly said good morning to every item in the house. His joy came from within, and he felt that the world should celebrate his fifth birthday with him. Through a simple judgment on the development of the plot, I think this is a wonderful positive energy film that promotes the spirit of optimism, but it does not conform to the dull and dull tone of gray and black that the film has rendered from the beginning. Just when I felt that the center of the film was unclear, the little protagonist and his mother ended their day. My heart started to get frantic, God, they haven't walked out of the house for a day! So I continued with anticipation of the movie's dark belly.

It turns out that mother Joey was deceived by the neighbors 7 years ago and has been imprisoned in this small house, and is raped by an old naked man almost every day. She gave birth to son Jack 5 years ago. For 5 years, my mother has been building a virtual world with Jack, and now 5-year-old Jack can't tell what is real and what is fantasy. In 7 years, the day has never changed. And on a cold day when the old naked man cut off the electricity to punish them, my mother suddenly felt that she should not live like this.

They were rescued after a lot of hard work.

Jack isn't quite ready to accept this colorful world yet, he's learning to face things for the first time in his life. Due to the media's questioning and reflecting on his 7-year deeds, Joey suffered from depression and wanted to commit suicide at one point.

The five-year-old young life did not bow to the unknown, and his young mind slowly accepted everything that seemed unbelievable in the constant rejection. In the face of his mother's vulnerability, he chose to be strong and help her to support her life. He clearly understood his position and his role, and he believed that he could help his mother out of the haze. He did too.

One day after everything returned to normal, Jack wanted to go to the room again. Joey shyly just stood in the doorway, and Jack walked into the house generously, stroking every piece of his former playmate. Finally, Jack says goodbye to each item and ends the journey.

When trapped in the room, Jack can only rely on his imagination to equate the world on TV with the world around him. He thinks the small space he has always lived in is this world. When he went out and saw the blue sky so vast he had never seen before, and saw someone like him leading a big dog, he would not have thought that this was the real world, he could not see clearly what was happening, He can only desperately struggle to reject the broadness in front of him, eager to return to his existing perfect world.

How many of us are reluctant to contact unknown knowledge, unwilling to meet unfamiliar friends, unwilling to start a new journey, stubbornly thinking that the world in front of us is the most beautiful world, and stubbornly avoiding a more beautiful life? When the world opens a window for you, please bravely climb out of the familiar room, please step out and walk outside, please open your arms to embrace the blue sky.

When you successfully recognize the real world, when some unbearables pass over time, can you face it bravely like Jack, can you accept these unbearables as a part of your life?

Sometimes being a human being is a tossing between facing bravely and escaping weakly. I hope we can all soberly choose the right role and find an outlet for ourselves.

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Room quotes

  • Dr. Mittal: The most important thing you did was get him out while he's still plastic.

    Ma: What?

    Jack: [whispering in her ear] I'm not plastic.

    Dr. Mittal: What's that, Jack?

    Ma: He says that he's... he's real. He's not plastic.

    Dr. Mittal: Well, you got me there, Jack. You're real. And you're very brave.

  • Officer Parker: Is there daylight in your room?

    [Jack nods]

    Officer Parker: Okay, good. How many windows?

    Jack: Zero.

    Officer Parker: Well, then how does the sun come in?

    Jack: Through Skylight.

    Officer Parker: Skylight? Okay, excellent. So you live in a house with a skylight?

    Jack: No, it's not a house.

    Officer Parker: Okay.

    Jack: It's a...

    Officer Parker: Yeah?

    Jack: It's a...

    Officer Grabowski: Uh, you'd get more out of him after he's had some sleep.

    Officer Parker: Tom, give it a second.

    Jack: Room's a... a shed.