Beyond tension and healing

Annalise 2022-04-23 07:01:14

[Originally published on March 01, 2016 am730 "730 Perspective"]

"Room" combines horror and healing, and then transcends both, not just a mixture of two types of elements. In a horrific crime, a child born from a trauma is also his mother's redemption. For Jack, the protagonist of Shake Room, sin, trauma and healing are adult experiences, but not his. This play can be said to be a "children's movie" for adults.
The first half of "Shake Room" is a typical suspenseful crime film pattern, describing the life style of the two protagonists who are trapped in a small room for a long time. Later, the mysterious man appeared. When the audience expected the truth to be gradually revealed, the heroine Joy solved the cause in one breath, dispelled the suspense, and turned sharply into the escape paragraph of fighting wits and strength. Nervousness returns to nervousness. Seeing this, it's too early to return, guessing whether there will be multiple escape tests, and looking forward to more twists and turns—no. This is not "Crimes of Disappearance". Joy's mother and son face the real test when they see the light of day again: the judicial process and media follow-up may only be temporary troubles, but the dream of "family reunion" has been broken and cannot be returned.

The troubles of my son have nothing to do with repairing past wounds, because he grew up in a dorm room, and he has not lost anything. For him, the confinement room was a comfort zone. He has been attached to his mother since birth, and his development is delayed. His beautiful face and long hair make him look like a girl, unlike other children who have already gone through the process of socialization of "gender difference". After leaving the dorm, Jack suddenly faced such a complex world, and every day was an adventure. And what taught him the most was the transformation of his mother, because the transformation of the latter's experience was far beyond his comprehension.

Although Joy is also the protagonist, the screenwriters deliberately did not elaborate on some of the plots after she returned home, leaving only snippets, so as to give priority to Jack's child perspective and propose a new perspective on common healing narratives. Whether it is healing or growth, it turns out that you have to learn to say goodbye to the "room" in your heart. While adults can only see four walls, children can see a skylight.

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  • Branson 2022-04-24 07:01:02

    What is the difference between a movie without highlights and salted fish. Narrative rhythm, soundtrack, actors' lines, this film is not only useless, but also deliberately pretending to be boring, the subject matter is greater than the content of the commercial model, I really can't understand this kind of audience behavior that sees mother's love overflowing

  • Tyra 2022-03-21 09:01:13

    Two major advantages: one performance, and two, instead of focusing on the abuse case itself, it raises some intriguing issues, such as difficulty reintegrating into society (using nearly half of the page), and for children, the prison cell loses its boundaries due to innocence, Carrying all the beautiful childhood and so on. Two major tears: the child's eyes for the first time seeing the blue sky, the end of the film saying goodbye to the furniture and the room, and crying madly while holding an ipad on the subway. I don’t think the heroine is too good, because Zheng is so great

Room quotes

  • Dr. Mittal: The most important thing you did was get him out while he's still plastic.

    Ma: What?

    Jack: [whispering in her ear] I'm not plastic.

    Dr. Mittal: What's that, Jack?

    Ma: He says that he's... he's real. He's not plastic.

    Dr. Mittal: Well, you got me there, Jack. You're real. And you're very brave.

  • Officer Parker: Is there daylight in your room?

    [Jack nods]

    Officer Parker: Okay, good. How many windows?

    Jack: Zero.

    Officer Parker: Well, then how does the sun come in?

    Jack: Through Skylight.

    Officer Parker: Skylight? Okay, excellent. So you live in a house with a skylight?

    Jack: No, it's not a house.

    Officer Parker: Okay.

    Jack: It's a...

    Officer Parker: Yeah?

    Jack: It's a...

    Officer Grabowski: Uh, you'd get more out of him after he's had some sleep.

    Officer Parker: Tom, give it a second.

    Jack: Room's a... a shed.