Funny Thriller Popcorn

Sheridan 2022-04-19 09:01:16

The fun lies in telling the audience that this is a game from the beginning, and the abnormal behaviors of the characters in the film are all manipulated, and our audience is the customer, watching the puppeteer department in the film play with this group of puppets; the fun is that they also discovered , and even succeeded in resisting, the horror of the routine, the plot of the anti-routine.

Screenplay: What is the effect of combining horror thriller and comedy fantasy?

Director: Thriller shooting is essential. Even if the horror atmosphere is interrupted by the intermittent appearance of the puppeteer team, it has a wonderful neutralizing effect.

Audio-visual service transformation: still a little sexy, a lot of rotten flesh, no blood.

Actor: The choices of the five sacrifices are all in place, except that the scholars almost mean it.

Thriller films are less direct to human nature, generally sensory stimulation, and the score is generally not high; I think this film is interesting, compared with other thrillers, I spent a lot of attention on the plot. If you come out of the theater after watching this movie with your girlfriend and popcorn with Coke, you should be very happy.

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  • Felipe 2022-03-25 09:01:05

    The monster collection is very high~~

  • Lauriane 2022-03-25 09:01:05

    So so all kinds of ghost styles are quite seductive

The Cabin in the Woods quotes

  • Marty: [after discovering a hidden camera] Oh, my God. I'm on a reality TV show. My parents are gonna think I'm such a burnout.

  • Marty: Statistical fact. Cops will never pull over a man with a huge bong in his car. Why? They fear this man. They know he sees further than they... and he will bind them... with ancient logics.