Living Zombies and Living Dead

Bartholome 2022-04-20 09:01:08

There are many descriptions of zombies. Different movies and books have different definitions of zombies, which are roughly divided into two types. Living zombies and dead zombies.

The first type is living zombies, and the one in "28 Days Shocked" belongs to this category. These zombies are living people infected with viruses. The main advantage is mobility and agility (if not too seriously injured). Watching the group of zombies chasing people in "28 Days" is like a small fan chasing stars. That's called running happily~ And they may still keep some memories and habits from their lifetime, and even think, which gives them a lot of fun. A big advantage, making them dangerous predators.
But the weakness of this kind of zombie is also very obvious, that is, it will die... As long as it can kill the living people, shooting (hitting the body), poisoning, fire attack, starvation, etc., can kill them. They can even feel and fear obstacles such as bright light and flames.
However, you must be very careful when killing them. Melee combat is definitely not recommended. Because they are still alive, there is blood circulation. When cutting their vital points, blood spraying everywhere is definitely inevitable. This increases the possibility of an attacker's infection. If there is no protection, the eyes are large, the mouth likes to gasp, and there is trauma on the body, the close-range attacker may be almost 100% infected.

The second is the real zombie "corpse". These zombies are the real living dead. They were infected during their lifetime, but only after death showed signs and came back from death. These zombies can't think, let alone have any feelings, they are just dead people who can physically move.
Compared with the former zombies, they don't seem to have much attack power, they can't use tools, their movements are slow, their bodies are uncoordinated (because they have no motor nerves?), and they only have a single brainless attack (literally). ), they do not have blood circulation, so there will be no blood splattering and virus spreading. This allows humans to carry out close-range attacks on them without protective equipment. Moreover, humans are more flexible than them, and can use their brains to use terrain and tools, even if they can't beat them, they can still run.
In this way, it seems that the latter zombie is not terrible. But in fact, they are more dangerous than the former zombies. Since they are already dead, they are immortal. According to experts, other than a direct headshot (which is not easy for ordinary people), attacking any other part of their body will not really effectively "kill" them. This has led to some powerful weapons of human beings, machine guns, cannons, bombs, etc., which are of little use when fighting against them. Even if the limbs are blown up, the zombies that are crawling on the ground still have the aggressiveness of biting. Even if you beat them to the point where your stomach breaks, they will still come towards you (food) slowly and firmly. They have no pain, no fear, no withdrawal, no stagnation, which can cause great psychological stress on humans. (And as they rot, they can smell bad, so that's a biochemical attack!) They may look fragile, but in the end, stamina, quantity, and time make them invincible.

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28 Days Later... quotes

  • [Selena asks Jim what his plans are while the infection still exists]

    Selena: Have you got any plans, Jim? Do you want us to find a cure and save the world or just fall in love and fuck? Plans are pointless. Staying alive is as good as it gets.

  • [Jim tries to stop Selena from crying after the death of Frank]

    Jim: Hey, don't do that. Look, Hannah is what Frank says she is, okay? She's tough, and she's strong, and she'll cope, just like I'll cope, and just like you'll cope.

    Selena: I don't want her to have to fuckin' cope. I want her to be okay. When Hannah had her dad, it was okay. It was okay for them, and it was okay for us. Now, it's all just fucked.

    [Jim kisses Selena on the mouth as she kisses him back]