Some detailed analysis of the second episode of Wick and conjectures for the third episode

Wade 2022-10-12 03:48:01

The first episode simply said: I am a retired killer. After my wife died of cancer, I wanted to live a peaceful life. I tried to steal my car and kill my dog ​​if I didn’t know the rules. I would kill you and then your immediate family.

There are not many people in the first episode: Jimmy who repairs the car, the policeman comes to the rescue, the friend, the security hotel and the boss, the unruly female killer (Perkins), the silly hat who steals the car and kills the dog and his dad. In fact, it is very simple that you play with me and I will take revenge. Another story introduces one: You can't kill people in a safe hotel, or the boss will kill you.

The second episode is amazing, let's spread the stall

First of all, the car has to be brought back, but it's okay if your non-immediate family members teach you a lesson, not to kill you, you can be peaceful

Then, although you don't want to do it and want to quit, but you gave the marker at the beginning, it is impossible for people to come to you and you want to refuse. There are consequences to refuse.

There's a clue here -> another super killer of the same level as wick "if you don't go I'll let him go but you have to go"

This other super killer of the same level as wick did not appear in the second episode of the third episode with a high probability of appearing in the third episode of the male No. 2 character

Then the global killer group should be similar to the structure of King Arthur's era. The 12 chief seats are called high table, and the Chinese gang and the Russian gang are all in it. In the legend of the night, the vampires also use a similar seat system.

The black bodyguard of the suicidal woman was not killed. There should be a reversal in the third episode. First, kill wick, but you can't kill others. Kill wick and hurt wick. Instead, he went to save wick. This is the male No. 4 character in the third episode.

By the way: One gold coin for one night stay in the hotel and two glasses of wine in the second episode? Diamonds in the wine? Actually, no, that's not the case. . . Fighting and killing are not allowed in the hotel but the window was broken to the point before two people hit the ground: people are both in the hotel and fighting is not allowed foul so if you want to drink you have to drink you don't want to Going to drink, you have to drink, and breaking the rules has a price, and it's expensive, so two glasses of wine cost a gold coin, black people are polite and pay first as a respect.

In the second episode, wick, the black leader of the New York beggar gang, said, "If you don't help me, he will be in power. If he is in power, you will not have a good life. There is a high probability that the group will be destroyed."

The black boss of the beggar gang said, "This is my problem. You don't care if you want a gun. I'll give you a gun, but your life is worth $7 million. You owe me."

Wick said "You don't want me to owe you", there is a high probability that the third episode of the black head of the beggar gang is the male No. 3 character

In the end, it was clear that people who couldn't kill people in the security hotel committed a foul, but this time the boss didn't kill Wick like he killed Perkins in the first episode. Reason: First of all, the level of the killer is different, and secondly, the relationship with Wick is different. When he does something by himself, someone else always does it, so that he doesn't have the charge of inaction, and the people above won't blame him. . . . And he always said that his hotel, he is the master, this person has always been the position of the male number 5. The third episode should be the male number 5. There is a high probability that the third episode will come out against the high table. Finally, his hotel provides wick with temporary shelter and then the high table person. Will attack to kill wick

The owner of the security hotel has a black receptionist who should be the male 6 in episode 3. There is a high probability that he is also a freelancer, but he only listens to his own boss and does not listen to the high table.

Finally give wick an hour and give him a marker

This marker may be used in the third episode. It may not depend on whether the director wants to make a trilogy or a six-part series. If the third marker is given, it will be repaid again. The marker given again will definitely not be in the third episode. Waiting for the fourth episode

In the end, I have to watch the third episode of the high table, all the people in the high table are bubbling or just a part of it, and the high table should have a big boss and a big boss

In fact, the follow-up after the third episode still depends on the box office of the third episode. It may also be like two episodes up and down the fourth part of Twilight.

However, the third part will be released in 19 years and 18 years, so let's take a look at Marvel DC Maze 3.

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John Wick: Chapter 2 quotes

  • John Wick: You wanted me back... I'm back!

  • Santino D'Antonio: Listen to me. What is this? Hmm? Do you remember? This is your blood. You came to me. I helped you. If you don't do this, you know the consequences.

    John Wick: I'm not that guy anymore.

    Santino D'Antonio: You are always that guy, John.

    John Wick: I can't help you. I'm sorry.

    Santino D'Antonio: You're right. You can't. But he can. I'll see you soon, John.