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I Don't Want to Go Back Alone Reviews

  • Fidel 2022-12-29 02:23:07

    The simplicity of love, the power of youth

       It's amazing, but it's not enough...    It's hard to accept that Brazil can shoot such a fresh short film, like the spring sunshine, clean and bright, and I have the urge to appreciate it again and again. Although the language is so-called listening, it does not hinder the feeling of the film....

  • Candelario 2022-11-09 21:55:14

    about love

    The story of this short film is too simple to be simple, and the impression is not deep enough, but love is pure and beautiful, and if it is made into heterosexuality, it will be equally beautiful. There should be only one point of contradiction, that is, the protagonist is blind. In fact, there...

  • Dasia 2022-10-20 11:46:50

    The most beautiful but the heart of youth

    Simple story, gray and white picture, but bright sunshine can be seen. The heartbeat of adolescence is really beautiful, everything is light, but it can stir up sweet ripples in my heart. When Gabriel said that Gi liked Leo, he was obviously testing his heart. And Leo began to care about his...

  • Preston 2022-10-14 23:28:14


    The topic between the sexes has always been the focus of debate. The first time I saw this point of view was in the book Chai Jing's Seeing, I had a hard time understanding this behavior but it made me curious, so I stood in their perspective I came to think about this issue, and finally expressed...

  • Summer 2022-10-08 12:09:35

    goodbye heterosexuality

    I came here because of my name, and I was spoiled by the spoiler. Is it very attractive? Wow, cute blind brother, bright-eyed sister with soft hair, new curly hair, cute and cute. Sao Paulo is so small and fresh, compelling I licked down the road goodbye to this desperate world, goodbye to...

  • Allison 2022-09-18 15:51:09

    pure white love

    This little short video made my heart skip a beat. Young, ignorant, shy, but the most beautiful, like pure white, beautiful and attractive. The invisible boy made me feel a little sorry, what a good boy, but I was immediately attracted by the next plot. When he pulled him from the left to the...

  • Armando 2022-09-05 10:24:11

    It's getting light outside

    I have to say that I still don't know what the heroine's name is. In fact, the biggest shock to me was not that kiss, but that in the end LEO knew that it was Gabriel's smile that just came, and then the film stopped abruptly, leaving me with a heavy punch in the chest. This short film is not too...

  • Tabitha 2022-07-15 19:17:03

    pure first love

    This movie is really beautiful! The picture and lighting are beautiful, the main actors are good-looking, and the most important thing is the plot! So beautiful, it matches all my fantasies about teenage love! simple and beautiful

    In this movie, I can't see the difference between same-sex love and...

  • Ashleigh 2022-07-15 19:05:54

    A heart palpitations, haunting

    Pure love, I heard his voice when we first met. It's very special, and I don't care too much. When everyone else was laughing at the sound of my typewriter wrapping lines, there was no his. I noticed him. I asked the companion, is he good-looking, am I good-looking? I started to care about the...

  • Keith 2022-07-15 17:33:49

    crush on this little thing

    After five minutes of opening and natural foreshadowing, Leo's heart began to sprout, and he asked his good friend Joanna about Gabriel's appearance. A major feature of the content of this short film is that Leo is a blind boy, so his secret love is more traceable. Like other children who have...