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2022-04-13 08:01
The film tells the story of four highly connected girls living in the UK who spend their weekends apart from each other on Friday, all of whom are inextricably linked to the same diamond theft .
The film "", a crime film about four women written, directed and acted by British black actor Lor Charles Willis, was held on May 25, local time, in Leicester Square, London. The director and four heroines were all present. Among them, Emma Roberts, the niece of the big-mouthed beauty Julia Roberts in 1991, is the most popular, she has the same sweet smile and slender figure as her aunt, and the other three actresses in the film are not to be outdone, Tam Xin in 1988 · Eagleton also showed his invincible legs, while Ophelia Lavibond and Michelle Ryan staged a red and green contrasting PK. This premiere was really pretty.
Laure Charles Willis, who has won the Best Newcomer Award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, continued to move forward on the road of acting and directing after his directorial debut in 2008. The new film, co-directed by Mark Davies, is about four women who live in four different British cities, but all encounter the same robbers. And Charles Willis himself in addition to being the writer and director, will also play the leading role in the film. The film is likely to be one of the best British films of 2010 and is worth looking forward to.
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