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2022-07-20 23:58
Although "Foxtrot" does not have the extreme narrowness of a tank, it is a three-scenario narration. With the changes of the protagonist, from the parents' home at the beginning, to the rare desert post where the soldier's son is stationed, and then back to the background of the home, it can be regarded as a certain A nearly closed or semi-closed space in this sense. The director's control over the space is still top-notch. An extremely stylized work attempt, there are many interesting places in the film. However, for this work, which is very important for the display of characters' states, the force and change of the protagonist's emotional interpretation brings confusion, which affects the empathy of the substitute, and becomes a small regret for personal viewing.  
"Foxtrot" is definitely a strong-feeling film, and the film's cinematographer employs an eerie, alienating imagery style that showcases everything from bright, sunny desert colors to sickly shades of green and sleep-deprived faces. Of course, the movie depends entirely on how well the audience perceives the story. The characters have a strong sense of destiny, and everything seems to be doomed because no matter what they do, the result is always the same, like Foxtrot's forward and backward.  
The dialogue of "Foxtrot" is compressed to the extreme, and the director uses a strong visual language to construct a powerful narrative state.
The film depicts the uncontrollable and elusive surreal characteristics of fate with grief and hard military life. This is a bold and daring film, with a highly stylized camera language depicting what happened to an ordinary family in Israel.
"Foxtrot" shows the tyranny and futility of violence, which is particularly striking in this relentless film.  
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