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2022-03-23 08:01
The sensational " 9-ya rota " in Russia tells the history of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, reproduces the bravery of the soldiers and the absurdity of politics, reflects on the crimes of aggression against other countries, and understands the truth of "why they hate us so much and shoot at us", and at the same time Sounds the alarm for the US invasion of Iraq.
In mid-September, the blockbuster "9-ya rota" was shown in the Russian film industry, causing a nationwide sensation. It had 1.86 million viewers in its first five days and grossed $15 million in three weeks. The film is the first Russian film to feature the war in Afghanistan with a positive depiction of the Soviet troops participating in the war. The publication of "9-ya rota" is also a message from Russia to the international community not to underestimate Russia's spiritual strength. The Russians are a nation capable of conquering and fighting.
The film reproduces the real 9-ya rota of the 345th Regiment of the Soviet Airborne troops . This is a illustrious army that has made great achievements. As soon as the war in Afghanistan began, it crossed the border from station Fergana and entered the battlefield. The film presents the audience with two parts. One is the scene of the recruits from Krasnoyarskiy Kray in Siberia; the Russian is conscripted into the army and goes to the training base for special training. The second is the actual combat in Afghanistan. The training of recruits starts from actual combat and shows no mercy. Some soldiers can't support it and fall to the ground. This section of the Afghan battlefield mainly describes that the nine companies were ordered to occupy the three, two, three and four heights to protect the safe passage of the Soviet army, while they were running out of ammunition and food. Thirty-nine officers and soldiers, six were sacrificed, twelve were injured, and the enemy was defeated. The army attacked twelve times. The officers and soldiers of the 9th Company shouted, "The main force can pass through safely," but the superior representative told them that the government had announced the withdrawal of the troops long ago, and asked why they had not contacted the superior, but 9-ya rota had never received any notice. sacrifice. Like the Afghan war itself waged by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, it was a meaningless war.
The publication of "9-ya rota" resonates with the current state of mind in Russian society. After Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin came to power, it coincided with the sharp rise in oil prices, Russia made a big oil fortune, " Petro-dollar " rolled in, the treasury was rich, and the Foreign Exchange Reserve exceeded the historical high level, so that the Russian government did not know how to use these "windfalls" ". In order to suppress the persistently high inflation, the government had to establish a stable fund bank into which surplus foreign exchange earnings were deposited. If you have money in your hands, you will naturally be able to do things well. The main idea of ​​Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin's leadership in governing the country was to restore the prestige that Russia enjoyed during the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics . Military spending is increasing year by year, foreign policy is constantly tough, and the "great power complex" is greatly fermented in society. Russians, especially young people, have a soft spot for films that celebrate the Russian tough guy spirit. Therefore, it is not surprising that the first box office revenue of the performance of "9-ya rota" hit a new high.
Another important socio-psychological factor is the Russians' Afghan complex. Although the war in Afghanistan has become history for the Russians, the wounds left by the war on the hearts of the Russians have not yet healed.
This war was Russia 's largest war since the Great Patriotic War. The authorities dispatched 620,000 officers and soldiers before and after, and 15,000 died in foreign countries. The First World War in Afghanistan affected most of the Russian families, and it is still a pain and embarrassment to this day. Although history has already made a public opinion, it was an unjust war, but in the eyes of the ordinary officers and soldiers who went to Afghanistan and suffered hardships on the battlefield, they did their duty as soldiers.
In the interview, the actual 9-ya rota officers and soldiers said to the camera crew, "The superior ordered us to go to the front line, saying that it was necessary to do so. We just dressed up and went without asking why." For more than 20 years, the state has called them the As " International fighter ", many people were awarded the title of " Геро́й Сове́тского Сою́за ", and they were once famous all over the country. Emotionally, they could not understand that they were fighting an unjust war that invaded other countries.
"9-ya rota" praised the heroism and experience of the Russian junior officers and soldiers, and to some extent resolved the Afghan grievances of many Russians. In addition, seeing that the country is being squeezed by the United States and some neighboring countries, the Russian youth also took the opportunity to announce the large amount of grievances accumulated in their hearts.
In the back, Jinya used PKM to shoot the enemy. Everyone will find that there is a person who looks like Jinya holding this AK74 in his hand. He was finally killed by the enemy, and he strangled an enemy with his hands at the last moment of his death. At this time, many people will mistake him for Jinya. Since Jinya is already dead, why is he still fighting?
In fact, it was his comrade-in-arms Binochev who was hit, not Jinya. Binochev was the soldier who was just transferred to the 9th Company that Christmas.
The two of them look alike, but Binochev's nose is bigger.
The film seeks truth. The actors were drafted into the army to shave their heads. During the five-month filming process, the first day grew. In fact, their enlistment time and experience on the battlefield were also intentional by the film director. Some critics called the film the Russian Apocalypse Now.
The concept of "9-ya rota", which was shot by the creators of this film, is just as the director Jr. Bondarchuk said, to truly describe the situation of the Afghan war, not to write about the politics at that time, not to beautify the war, but to write about a small army Days and nights, a team of 18- and 19-year-old recruits went from training to battlefield experience. The director said that a friend asked him if he was making a movie and if he wanted to make a film about the war in Afghanistan. At that time, he was planning to remake his father's "Destiny of a Man", but it showed the war in Chechnya . Decided to shoot "9-ya rota"
We left Afghanistan, and we, the ninth group, won our own war; but, knowing that at that time we did not know, do not know that in two years, the country we once fought for will cease to exist, and we once The proud Union of Soviet Socialist Republics uniforms and medals are no longer fashionable; not knowing that Captain Дегало stayed and continued to serve the country, training new recruits in the central Russian city of Тула, and a year later he was on a march Died of a stroke; we also don't know that the frontier city where Snow White and her mother lived, has since been deserted. We were ruthlessly abandoned by the new life, some of us lived very rich, some of us were tormented by the shadow of war all our lives. We didn't know anything about these conditions until we got back to our homeland, we didn't even know that we were forgotten in the chaos by the large army, on that distant high ground. We left Afghanistan, ninth group, we won. "
This is the end of the Russian film "9-ya rota". A lonely, medal-covered veteran sits quietly on the roof of a tank, with the winding mountains of Afghanistan behind him. The film is in such a sad atmosphere Finish.
The plot introduction of the film has been overwhelming on the Internet. A foreign film that has not done any publicity in China has been so enthusiastically sought after on the Internet. It is really worth thinking about by domestic film practitioners. Because, it is they who "dedicated" to us such famous bad movies as " Charging Out Amazon ", "DA Division", "Gunman", "Breakout" and so on. We watch war movies, not to watch computer stunts, nor to watch "soldiers are human beings, and they also have emotional entanglements."
The entire film can clearly see the influence of American war blockbusters, reading the ten-year war from the perspective of an ordinary soldier. It is because it is a soldier's point of view that it is more real, as the ninth group of veterans in real life said in an interview: "The superior ordered us to go to the front line, saying that we need to do it. Didn't ask why." That's exactly what a soldier would answer.
The last battle of the film is intriguing. The ninth group finally defended their position after paying heavy sacrifices. When the last surviving golden tooth reported to the army aviation commander that the battle was over and the large force could pass safely, the commander asked him. Why haven't the troops been withdrawn, and why has there been no contact between the position and the command. A senseless battle and sacrifice is the epitome of the war in Afghanistan.
At the end, the once high-spirited Goldtooth sat on the roof of the tank with a lonely face, surrounded by a group of childish recruits. Once upon a time, he and his brethren, like those recruits, came to Afghanistan with high hopes. They once thought they were liberators, but they were greeted by a hail of bullets; they used to think war was romantic, but the constant death kept them awake.
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    Actor voiceovers and translations are flawed. . .

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    Lao Maozi's big war production, the whole story of the full metal jacket is really uncreative... The war scene is a mess, and the literary drama is also rambling, not on time.

9th Company quotes

  • Lyutyy: We were leaving Afghanistan. We, the 9th company, we won our war. Back then we didn't know many things. We didn't know that, two years later, the country we had fought for would vanish. That wearing medals of a nonexistent country would become unfashionable.

  • [last lines]

    Lyutyy: We were leaving Afghanistan, the 9th Company. We... we won.

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