A Fortunate Man evaluation action

2022-03-10 08:02
"Lykke-Per" is very good at the director's skills. The director has adapted a long, smooth, elegant and profound story into a work that can resonate with the audience. In the interpretation of the plot, the director has a moderate, peaceful perspective of God, telling the process of finding the heart, knowing the true self and experiencing others. Under the lens of the director's powerful narrative ability, those interlaced eyes, swaying gestures, and rich scenery, each frame depicts the psychology of the characters, conveys emotional interactions, and writes the fate of the characters that have been destined in the dark . The book describes the era, a time when Denmark during the transition from agriculture to industrialization of the film for the audience sketched style picture of Danish society in this period   .
Whether it is the film's precise presentation of emotional issues or its profound analysis of Denmark's modernization issues, it all makes people feel familiar, because it is just like two of August's previous works - "Pell the Conqueror" and "Benevolent Betrayal" "The Combined" version. Although the length of the film is nearly three hours, and the direction of the second half can be described as a sharp turn, the development of the story does not give people any sense of procrastination and abruptness; on the contrary, the layers of the film are rich and clear, and all the plots have grass snakes. The foreshadowing of the gray line, so in retrospect, it is often unexpected and reasonable. Starting from the contradiction between father and son at the beginning, and then showing the character side of Biel in love, and then entering into the discussion of religion and social class; small individuals, families, large society and the entire civilization are presented in the film with extreme precision , people have to admire the original author's profound understanding of the historical process of Denmark and the complexity of human hearts. Of course, Bille August is even more of a credit, and his script adaptation and imaging abilities have been called "consummate perfection"   .
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Extended Reading
  • Hilton 2022-04-21 09:03:44

    The male protagonist Lykke-Per is a very complicated person. On the positive side, he is talented, intelligent, pursuing progress, and determined to reform. On the negative side, he is extremely vain, has strong self-esteem, is conceited and inferior, and is also vulnerable. Emotionally speaking, he changed women after another in order to achieve his goal. The goal was selfish, and his face-turning was ruthless. I doubt that he never really loved those women. He only loved himself from beginning to end. When he finally waited lonely and hopeless to die, I felt sorry for him again. Underappreciated, unable to perform, and finally can only live in seclusion in the wilderness and die in depression. His tragedy may stem from his family of origin, his social class, or his parents' conflicting religious beliefs. But anyway, he's a scumbag.

  • Dillon 2022-04-21 09:03:44

    Fu Hua Dao restores the elegance and sophistication of the upper class society in Denmark. The picture can create a psychological atmosphere, solid narrative, superb performance, restrained character, depicting this brave, passionate and self-destructive love, and the protagonist Pell's ambition and loneliness And a tragic life of passion, poverty and torture. The social rejection of Jewish women in Denmark also brings to light the social reasons behind this tragedy. Human nature is trapped in sin and away from beauty, and this is true in Wuthering Heights and Tess. Even Ozon's Franz.

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