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2022-03-27 08:01
Israel-born director Yaron Ziberman's impressive lineup for his first film -- Christopher Walken , Philip Seymour Hoffman , Catherine Keener and British star Imogen Poots -- made him an Oscar-beater ahead of launch. The film revolves around a well-known string quartet, and when it comes to its twenty-fifth anniversary, a celebration is essential. Ludwig van Beethoven 's "Late String Quartet" was chosen for the performance, but during the rehearsal, the traumas of the members' respective lives and their mutual suspicions, ambitions and contradictions erupted. The eldest member of the band, Peter (Christopher Walken), who is also one of the band's founders, was diagnosed with a degenerative disease and had to choose his replacement from the band. The orchestra's second fiddler, Robert (Philip Seymour Hoffman), was originally the most suitable candidate. His wife, Juliette (Catherine Keener), is also the band's violinist, but their marriage is on the rocks after someone cheated on him. The band's first violinist is a young, aggressive Daniel (Mark Ivanier), who competes with Robert for the top spot. Unexpectedly, however, Daniel falls in love with Robert and Juliette's daughter, the beautiful Alexandra (Imogen Poots), who is also a talented violinist.
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  • Ross 2022-03-29 09:01:10

    The strengths of several lines are a little different. Hoffman's line is stronger and his acting skills are too outstanding. It seems that the other lines are rushed and weak. But there is grief but not hurt, the feeling of life and death, very mature.

  • Nina 2022-03-29 09:01:10

    It can only be said that the circle is really messy. In addition, I didn't expect Philip Seymour Hoffman to talk so well on the violin, OST~~

A Late Quartet quotes

  • Alexandra Gelbart: You treat him like a doormat and he's going to start to wonder what's outside the door.

  • Peter Mitchell: Casals emphasized the good stuff, the things he enjoyed. He encouraged. And for the rest, leave that to the morons, or whatever it is in Spanish, who judge by counting faults. "I can be grateful, and so must you be," he said, "for even one singular phrase, one transcendent moment."

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