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2022-07-21 19:19
AMC intends to further expand the "Walking Dead universe" and plans to launch three "The Walking Dead" movies, in which Rick will continue his story. The spinoff is expected to start production in 2019 and will be broadcast on platforms such as AMC.
Before the season aired, it was announced that Rick's actor Andrew Lincoln would be leaving the set after the ninth season. Andrew Lincoln said that he had been filming in the United States for a long time, but his family lived in the United Kingdom. One of the reasons he decided to leave "The Walking Dead" was "missing children". The director also spoke on social platforms: "The crew will miss Andrew Lincoln very much, but "The Walking Dead" will be as good as before without him.   "
Andrew Lincoln said in an interview with the media that if there is a tenth season, he will return as a director: "I will return as a director and become one of the directors of the tenth season. How will the next plot develop? But if this season can't restore some word of mouth and fans, I don't think it makes any sense to shoot or not to shoot in the tenth season." 
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A New Beginning quotes

  • Aaron: [about his zombie kick moves] Will you teach me sometime?

    Paul 'Jesus' Rovia: I got a kids' class at the Hilltop you could audit.

  • Michonne: I'm glad you won your election.

    Maggie Greene: I'm glad I grew up on a farm.

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