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2022-04-08 08:01
Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, starring Rajmund Roman Liebling and Big Nose Dipardieu, Three Names Too Loud, 1994's film, The Golden Combination.
It was a night of surprises and wonder, almost a two-player drama, with Polanski playing a shrewd police officer who seemed dwarfed by Depardieu. The conception of the film shows that the thin handling of the film is long and dark, but the theme it shows is the loss between life situation and self-examination, the cruel competition between the self and the other and me. No one can predict the chain reaction. Sometimes, when life tries to escape the setting of this world (biography and other people's description) and becomes the id, it will not happen in a straight line. Such distortions lead to spiritual rainy nights. Chinese audiences should notice that the secluded kingdom of the West is not the hell of the East. What the director brings to us has nothing to do with the annihilation of the body, but rather the discovery and cognition of the spirit. This is the Western spirit's exploration of the meaning of life. This is what this film gives us. revelation.
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Extended Reading
  • Tamara 2022-04-09 09:01:09

    Onof, a famous writer who has lived in seclusion for many years, became a suspect because of a murder near his residence. Unexpectedly, the sheriff who questioned him was a loyal reader of Onof, and had a soft spot for his works. Confidant dialogue, some little-known past events are also revealed one by one... Is Onof guilty? Who is the deceased?

  • Monserrat 2022-04-09 09:01:09

    Three and a half stars, Polanski could remove all flashbacks and treat it as a closed space if he did it himself, which would be more dramatic. Suspenseful dialogue redemption!

A Pure Formality quotes

  • Onoff: Is it possible to kill someone and not remember?

  • Inspector: It's just a simple formality.

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