A Sound of Thunder movie plot

2022-03-20 08:01
The story takes place in Chicago, an industrial city in the United States, in the year 2054. This time the film does not describe the story of robot riots, monster attacks, alien wounds, etc. But in the future decades after the highly developed science and technology, people can travel through time and space by space-time spacecraft to reach the mysterious Cretaceous era that can only be mentioned in nature and history classes before, and it is not simple for people to get there. Research work such as scientific expeditions has reached the level of casual travel and sightseeing. However, history and nature use their irresistible power to once again give ignorant human beings a major lesson and even a devastating blow. Because, a hunter on a trip to the Cretaceous accidentally trampled a butterfly to death. But don't underestimate this butterfly. It happens to be an important link in the evolutionary chain of human development. Its death will greatly affect or even destroy the entire human race and the great civilizations created by human beings for generations. Fortunately, the accident was discovered in time. Thus, the great action to save mankind began. Travis the hunter (Edward Burns), caravan owner Charles Hatton (Ben Kingsley), and Sonia Rand (Katherine McCormack), the inventor of the time-travel computer. Formed the backbone of the rescue team.
Then, after a careful plan, the rescue team carried various scientific research detection equipment and self-defense weapons and equipment through the spaceship to the prehistoric Cretaceous period where the incident occurred, and returned the life of the crucial butterfly. However, the rescue operation was not so smooth. In the process of searching and saving, the rescue team encountered unprecedented difficulties and tribulations. Unfamiliar natural environments, brutal dinosaurs, ferocious prehistoric monsters. all threaten to save the lives of the team members.
Time goes on and on, human beings are facing the test of death, and even the majestic city of Chicago is instantly shrouded in dense clouds. It seems that all signs indicate the demise of human beings. The development of human civilization is really due to a Buried by a little butterfly? 
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  • Zackary 2022-03-21 09:03:30

    When I was in college, I watched the first paragraph of this movie until the first time the wave hit, and the shock at that time is still fresh in my memory. Later, for some reason, the viewing was interrupted. When I remembered it, I forgot the name of the movie. Searched with keywords on the Internet several times, to no avail. Found it yesterday. Finished watching the whole. Although the special effects are fake, they are very shocking. I also considered a fulfillment of an unfulfilled wish.

  • Aliza 2022-03-21 09:03:30

    This film is really like what Su Hong, a red policeman in "Sci-Fi World", doesn't understand love. The special effects are comparable to "Wuji", but it is still a film with an investment of 80 million US dollars. If converted into RMB, it is better than "Wuji" ” is more than 300 million, and the special effects... The dinosaurs are completely incomparable to the ones in “Jurassic Park”, but how long ago is “Jurassic Park” a movie, it’s really a bit fussy. In addition to the special effects, the plot of the film itself is not very attractive, in short, it is boring. The original is "Time Hunt" by Ray Bradbury, and the three stars are purely for the face of the original.

A Sound of Thunder quotes

  • Ted Eckles: My gun doesn't work.

    Payne: Believe it or not, that's a safety feature. They're all tied to Travis' gun. It won't fire until he fires first.

    Ted Eckles: Why the hell not?

    Clay Derris: To keep clients from shooting things they shouldn't.

    Payne: Hey, Derris, how about we don't mention this in our report.

    Clay Derris: No harm, no foul.

    Payne: Appreciate it. You know, I'm not really that big of a dick. I just to like to talk.

  • Travis Ryer: We cannot have accidents.

    Payne: While I was a physics major in college, we studied something called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. It proves that there is no such thing as zero tolerance. It doesn't exist. You basically can't be 100% sure of anything no matter how hard you try. Accidents... happen.

    Travis Ryer: We can't have accidents.

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