A Whisker Away movie plot

2022-07-14 11:06
Miyo Sasaki is a cheerful second-year middle school girl. Because of his words and deeds that are not good at observing words and expressions, he often surprises the people around him, so he is called "Infinite (Infinite Mysterious Man)" by his classmates. But in fact, she is very concerned about the people around her and suppresses her feelings every day, contrary to the "Infinite Mysterious Man".
Such Infinite dares to attack his classmate Hinode, who is in love with him every day, but never wins. She has never been discouraged, and she has an unspeakable secret.
That is to look like a cat to watch the favorite sunrise.
In fact, on the evening of a summer festival, after getting a mysterious mask that "can become a cat when worn" from the cat shop owner at the mask point, he went to the Hinode orphanage as a cat Taro.
Hinode, who usually behaves ruthlessly, only confessed his true feelings to Cattaro, and unknowingly, Cattaro became the spiritual pillar of Hinode.
Although the two will distance themselves when they are "people", their relationship will be close when they are "cats". The same goes for Infinite, if it were a cat, he wouldn't worry about his relationship with the people around him. After knowing the freedom of being a cat, Infinite gradually felt more at ease.
The longer you've been a cat, the more blurred the lines between yourself and your cat become before you know it.
One day, the cat shop owner who appeared again changed the cat's "mask" with the "face" of Infinite, and Infinite was forced to abandon "human beings" and live as a "cat".
I want to stay by his side forever. But I have to be able to change back to "I"--
Who do you have support for? When something important is discovered, the world of the two begins to change. 
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