According to Greta movie plot

2022-04-12 08:01
According to Greta, a 17-year-old high school sophomore who has never met her dad. I haven't even seen a picture of my dad. Plus my mother put all her thoughts on her new husband. In the summer of high school, According to Greta's mother sent According to Greta to her grandmother's house in State of New Jersey in order to enjoy the world with her new husband . According to Greta, she made a death list when she first arrived at her grandmother's house, wrote down the things she wanted to accomplish in a notebook, and planned to end her own life as soon as they were fulfilled. On the other hand, grandmother was troubled by her arrival. With no pocket money, According to Greta became a white waitress at a restaurant, and at work she fell in love with restaurant chef Avery . Avery is a black teenager who was taken into juvenile detention for bad behavior such as drag racing. But since witnessing the suicide of his roommate. Rehabilitated and determined to live an active life. And established the ideal of owning a restaurant of his own. The love with Avery though brought a lot of sweetness and warmth to According to Greta's life. But it did not dispel the determination of According to Greta to commit suicide. During a trip to sea with Avery and his maternal grandparents. According to Greta strapped the anchor to his ankle and jumped into the sea. Seeing this, Allie rushed into the sea to rescue According to Greta. According to Greta, she escaped, but her grandmother was so frightened that she was hospitalized for a heart attack. Avery sends According to Greta soaking wet. Talk to According to Greta at your doorstep. He decided to quit the According to Greta program, and pointed out that According to Greta jumped from the boat because she knew she would go to sea to save her, not really wanting to kill herself. She just wanted to get everyone's attention in this way. With this problem, no one can help her except According to Greta herself. Then left sadly. According to Greta is deeply touched by Avery's words and her grandmother's illness. She decided to completely change herself, be kind to everyone around her, and even sincerely apologize to her grandmother. Just when everything is going well, According to Greta's mother unexpectedly arrives to take According to Greta away from her grandparents' house. Faced with opposition, the grandfather even proposed to take the opportunity to repair the family relationship, and received the support of According to Greta's stepfather. According to Greta's mother had to stay with According to Greta. The family finally repaired their love and warmth for each other. In the end, the love and patience of my grandfather, grandmother and the black chef who loved each other slowly changed According to Greta, illuminating the shadow in my heart and improving family relations. According to Greta is also full of hope and yearning for the future.
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According to Greta quotes

  • Greta: Julie! Julie, wait.

    Julie: That was bullshit, you know that? How you put my business out there, just so you could scare her.

    Greta: It was a joke.

    Julie: Okay you know what, I don't like being the punchline of your joke.

    Julie: What's with you anyway? Why, why are you like this?

    Julie: You didn't think twice about leaving me out to dry just so you could screw her.

    Julie: You know what bothers me even more than you playing me right now is, you staring at me with those big sexy eyes and...

    Greta: You wanna kiss me.

    Julie: Hell yeah I wanna kiss you.

  • Katherine: Course, you could've told us it was your day off.

    Greta: Well you could've let me know it was your day to get off.

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