After the Storm evaluation action

2022-04-14 08:01
"Hai よ り も ま だ Shen く" is a film created by the director with the father as the protagonist. Although it seems to be a story about a family, the biggest difference in the film is that the protagonist's identity is not only a son, but also a husband and a father. Characters are set to create a story. Even if a small family is intertwined with trivial dialogues, it can make the movie fresh and delicious with the brilliance of jokes and dripping tea and rice, and warm and touching. The stories and characters are delicate and gentle, and the solidified beauty of life is constructed from trivialities.  
The director of the film focuses on the complexities of family life, exploring the relationship between generations of a family with a sympathetic, non-point of view. The film has a lot of wit and sadness, and the two are usually intertwined. Always lead beauty in every detail of life. Centered on a middle-aged man who has a dream but failed to realize it, and his mother who loves him deeply, it depicts a family-like animal language that foresees the future and lives in the present, which is different from the dream.  
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  • Hal 2022-04-16 09:01:09

    The best one in recent years is Hirokazu-eda. His gentleness is like a knife, gently rippling in your heart.

  • Linnea 2022-04-16 09:01:09

    After the typhoon, life is still as usual, and the Shinkansen still intersects and staggers at the corners. The love and happiness deeper than the sea may not exist, but the bond between each other can always make us start again; the golden sentence flashes a good story, and the drama branches are cut and polished. Level up and down, laughter and laughter, show the daily background, and simmer slowly into chicken soup that is not tender; our parents used to be the shade of the trees above our heads, and later paved the solid roadbed under our feet, and we keep walking on the road of life.

After the Storm quotes

  • Shinoda Yoshiko: I wonder why it is that men can't love the present. Either they just keep chasing whatever it is they've lost... or they keep dreaming beyond their reach.

  • Shinoda Ryôta: The lottery isn't gambling.

    Shiraishi Kyôko: Of course it is.

    Shinoda Ryôta: No, it is not.

    Shiraishi Kyôko: What is it, then?

    Shinoda Ryôta: It's a dream. A dream you buy for 300 Yen.

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