Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas Positive Review

2022-07-16 21:17
In terms of the soundtrack of the story, from the very beginning, there is drum music with a strong sense of rhythm. With the advancement of the plot, the danger in the drum is more obvious. Until the end of Mike's death, the melodious national musical instruments are played, and the stop of the drum sounds seems to imply. Mike's death is a relief, no longer lingering between justice and violence deeply tortured by conscience. Even in violent scenes such as siege, the director did not choose a very overwhelming symphony. The sound of drums is still visible from time to time, which corresponds to the bells in the plot, and also creates a sense of the passage of time and space   .
The overall texture of the movie feels like a European costume movie in the 1960s and 70s with Hollywood-style music and photography. The colors are very simple and slightly dim, and even the lenses that focus on the eyes of the characters are relatively limited. The lighting processing is more biased towards natural lighting, which brings a rare and natural feeling to the tone. The characters in the environment feel a bit like Watch color replays of historical documentaries.  
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