Alice in Borderland background creation

2022-02-04 08:02
In early November 2019, the crew filmed the scene where Arisu, Koube and Zhang Tai gathered in Shibuya, Tokyo, in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan   . There are a lot of scenes in the empty streets of Shibuya, Tokyo. The scene was shot on an outdoor set built to look exactly like the streets of Shibuya. This set is based on Alice's Dying, Japanese film " Silent Tokyo " and the Chinese movie " Detective Chinatown 3 " were jointly used as the premise. They were built on a 1.5-hectare open space by the river. The crossroads and the bronze statue of the loyal dog Hachiko are all as they are. The imitation of the police station and JR station in front of the station is not only the appearance, but also the interior is reproduced . On this basis, the production team uses green screen and CG technology to synthesize the film to make the film. The scene of the black panther in the tunnel was made using motion capture technology and CG .     
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