Alien Raiders movie plot

2022-07-12 23:33
Hastings Supermarket is a family-owned convenience store located near Bourke Lake, Arizona. Near midnight one night, the tranquility of a town torn apart by unusual chaos. Just as the supermarket was about to close, a group of gangsters wearing masks and armed to the teeth broke in. They shot several shop assistants and customers and took others hostage. The gangsters asked the hostages to do all kinds of strange tests, and soon the terrified people discovered that the real terror was not from the gangsters, but from an evil alien that could transform into a human   .
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Alien Raiders quotes

  • Cop #1: You were infected?

    Charlotte: Yeah. Didn't take. Too much "better living through chemistry" screws them up real good. The only problem is you gotta keep using to keep them from taking over.

    Cop #1: That's the best druggie excuse I've heard.

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