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2022-03-03 08:01
Known as "Europe's Stephen Spielberg", Luc Besson can be said to be an outlier in the war between Europe and Hollywood for a long time. He is different from his predecessors and peers. His works are mixed with various elements, old and new. The alternation of forms, the integration of Eastern and Western cultures, and the complete neutralization of France and Hollywood have become his distinctive features. Although he is romantic and poetic, he is more uninhibited. Like his contemporaries, he is determined to forge ahead, constantly injecting new elements into his works. This trend of great fusion has laid the foundation as early as "The Last Battle" and "Blue Sea and Blue Sky". It was basically formed in "Tower", and by the time of "Leon the Killer", this diversified style had reached its peak, and it was even almost paranoid and exaggerated in the later "The Fifth Element" and "Joan of Arc", which led to some criticism. But he is better at basing his creations on a more popular, traditional platform, making them seem less obscure and less bland, which has also earned him extraordinary acclaim.
For this "Angel A", Luc Besson is unprecedentedly tight-lipped, not only the plot has been kept secret until the release, but the cast also waited until the trailer came out before the truth was revealed. Gamele Dubuz, who plays Andre, is 31 years old. As a descendant of Moroccan immigrants, although he is only 1.65 meters tall, he is a well-known comedy star in France. The unfortunate loss of his right hand when he was 8 years old in childhood did not hinder him. His talent for humor quickly became an indispensable figure on the French comedy scene after his initial recognition. "Angel Emily" and "Brave New World 2: Egypt Mission" earned him two Caesar Award nominations, and he carried the Olympic torch in Paris in 2004. Samsonite Rasmussen, who plays Angel A, was born in Denmark and was the head model for Victoria's Secret and Gucci. In 2002, she starred in Brian de Palma's Femme Fatale. The angel in the film is her first protagonist.
Luc Besson has already completed the 15-page outline of "Angel A", but the character dialogue has been kept blank. He said that the reason for the blank may be that he was too young to master the language of angel subjects. He rushed through the entire script in two weeks before preparing for the film, and started filming in secret while Parisians were heading south for vacation. The almost empty Paris that appears in the film was all filmed at the dawn of summer in Paris. During the 7-week shooting process, strict confidentiality measures kept all the front and back of the film isolated from the outside world. All the media could know was a simple plot with one sentence: "A young man who doesn't know love meets in Paris. a young woman."
At the Cannes International Film Festival in 2005 , star Gamele Dubz said, "I'm working on a romantic comedy with a devilish director, I can't reveal too much, but this The movie is sure to be a blockbuster!"
In this humorous and romantic comedy sketch, the most important thing is the witty plot and language, but the dialogue in the film is just a little artificial and procrastination, and many people are bizarre, and the semantics are too difficult to understand. the audience's attention. Although Lei Rasmussen has a beautiful and moving appearance, she is a little powerless in emotional drama, and the characterization is not vivid. The black and white pictures of the film are beautiful, and Desiree Aberga's skill is undeniable. Paris, which has lost its color, is like a delicate postcard of landscapes. However, the filming location is too limited, which invisibly affects the potential of the actors. It seems that this long-awaited "Angel A" is not flattering, but after all, this is the first film whose shooting plan and production budget are controlled by the director, although the film box office will not have a cost of 15 million euros. Too much profit, but it will not affect the obsessive pursuit of Luc Besson by die-hard fans.
This movie is not known by many people, but good movies need us to discover. Apart from the esoteric words in this film that are difficult for the public to understand and flash by, what shocked me were the two scenes, the heroine left Andre twice, the camera moved quickly, and Andre shouted her The name, that feeling, as if we've lost the most precious thing.
In 1983, Luc Besson's sci-fi film "Le Dernier combat" (Le Dernier combat) was his first black-and-white film, and its unique and cutting-edge style made the French film circle admire, after 12 years, his second black-and-white film. "Angel A" really condensed the expectations of too many people, but this long-awaited work also carries too much pressure, and it is not easy to win the praise of the first victory.
"Angel A" is very simple, without the gunfights, car chases and explosions that often appear in Luc Besson's films, a pure romantic comedy. Through the lens of Luc Besson's "emperor" photographer Desiree Ebergar, the panoramic view of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the cathedral in the 15th arrondissement, and the various bridges along the Seine River, even in black and white images , these light and dark scenes still show a splendid splendor. However, as the most secretive and low-key film that is extremely rare in the French film industry, Luc's new work has fallen far short of the audience's expectations.
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Extended Reading
  • Citlalli 2022-03-25 09:01:22

    Confused while watching the movie, Confused. Did not understand too much. Too literary can only be too niche

  • Alan 2022-03-25 09:01:22

    The hero has a pair of black gem-like eyes

Angel-A quotes

  • André: My whole life I've been in the shit. No one ever helped me out. Ever.

  • Angel-A: If I give you my life, would you know what to do with it?

    André: If you give a donkey a carrot, he'll know what to do with it.

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