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2022-01-13 08:03
"Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging" is adapted from the best-selling series of novels by British writer Louise Lenison. The film titled "Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging" is the first in the series of novels by Georgia Nicholson. One. Some of the plots and characters in Lenison's writings stem from her childhood experiences in Leeds , when the Leeds family of eight people was packed in a simple house with only three bedrooms. In the title of the book, "Angus" is the name of Georgia’s pet cat, "Thongs" refers to the belt of Georgia’s rival Slagy Lindsay, and "Full-Frontal Snogging" is Georgia’s self-study with Peter Deere. Kissing lesson.
This film is the fifth film that Gurinder Chadha has collaborated with Paul Meda Bezis. When Paramount Pictures, Inc. found the two to adapt the script based on the first two novels in the series (the second is "It's OK, I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers"), Chadaha felt that she and Bei On the basis of being fully loyal to the original work, Jess can transform words into vivid images. She said: “Georgia’s role is very wonderful. The conflicts with teachers, parents and the whole world are still fresh. They were like 14-year-old Bridget Jones, and they had more ideas. I was attracted by the real and interesting Georgian, and I think this is the series of novels. The reason why it can win readers all over the world."
Although Lenison incorporates her own personal experience in the novel, she still spends a lot of time studying the real life of today's 14-year-old girls, so she knows the topic of girls well. Before embarking on the script, Chadha and Bezis did the same. The two chatted with the teenagers, paying attention to their reactions and paying attention to the teenagers' books. Chadaha recalled: "Looking at those magazines, you will realize what kind of emotional turmoil they are experiencing, and you will feel that they really think they are adults, but in our eyes, they are still children." Si said: "We like Georgia because she is a little crazy and weird. She is so real. She is a 14-year-old girl who lives around us. She is looking forward to her first boyfriend and first kiss."
Cha Daha has always been an American middle school movie. With a soft spot, " Clueless ", " Mean Girls " and John Hughes 's works are all her favorites. "The language and emotions of girls at this age are very innocent and simple. For every woman, that should be the best time," Chadaha said. "But in fact, that memory is always full of fear. No matter how your parents act, they will always irritate you; when you learn that the boy you like doesn't even know your existence, you will even have a heart to die, and you will never want to ignore any boy again."
Can you find a role model? The best candidate for Georgia is the key to the success of the film. When the actor was first searched, Chadaha was pregnant for 4 months. In the months leading up to the birth, Chadaha chose many starring roles, but until he was born. With the twins, Chadha is still at a loss for the actor who played Georgia. Later, Chadaha found Georgia Groome again. In the previous interview, Chadaha thought she was too young to suit Georgia, but the Groome who appeared in front of Chadaha this time was nothing but two people. Even the attitude of the little woman who was waiting to be released was very different, and Chadaha immediately decided that Glome was Georgia.
In addition to the three close friends in her boudoir, Cat Angus is also an indispensable and important partner of Georgia. In the film, Angus is played by two cats. Glome explained: "The two cats have completely different personalities. Benny likes to sit quietly. I imagine that one day he can speak because he is my faithful. The listener, and Jim is very active, and all the jumps and stunts in the film are done by him." 
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