Animal Kingdom movie plot

2022-01-02 08:02
In Melbourne , Australia , there is a famous crime family-the Cody family. Among them, the four brothers Darren, Barry, Craigand Andrewnicknamed "Godfather"played byhide in the area.
At the same time, the police gradually surrounded the family. When the war was about to start, the 17-year-old member of this family, Joshuawas in conflict. On the one hand, he needed to be loyal to his family and protect his family. elder. On the other hand, a police detective Lackytries to save him when he is young, and at the same time imposes legal sanctions on the members of the family. Under such contradictions, the confused teenager gradually entered a situation beyond his control   .
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Animal Kingdom quotes

  • [Barry is approached by detectives, thinking that they are after Pope]

    Barry Brown: Oh sorry guys. You just missed him.

    Armed robbery detective: That's alright. We like you better.

    Detective: [shouting, referring to Barry who is unarmed] He's got a gun!

    [the Armed Robbery Detective raises his rifle up and shoots Barry]

  • Andrew 'Pope' Cody: [Last words before being killed, and last words of the film] It's a crazy fucking world.

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