Army of Shadows evaluation action

2022-03-13 08:01
Jean-Pierre Grumbach combined his real experience in "L'Armee des Ombres", there are no heroes in the film, only ordinary people. And the ordinary people who survived the war more or less have a trace of immoral "blood". Melville shoots the film in a somber, serious, low-key, gloomy and restrained tone. After watching it, the audience suddenly realizes that the title "L'Armee des Ombres" is a great metaphor for life and history. In this film, the director stepped out of the gangster films he was good at, reflecting Melville's enthusiasm for documentary style when he was young, and presented a rather nihilistic story in a semi-documentary and semi-fictional way   .
As a revolutionary film, "L'Armee des Ombres" has opened up a third route in addition to rendering the heroism of the protagonist with a spirit of patriotism and taking the suspenseful espionage route under the shell of an underground party: no dramatic conflict, no dramatic conflict. Intricate suspense and entanglement, even like most of the director's films, there are not too many stages. In his iconic cold shot, the members of the resistance organization are presented to the audience in a more plain and helpless image. To say they were like wartime undergrounds, it would be better to say they were more like gangsters. Consider the film carefully. You will find a looming connection to the gangster film, where the traitor is the central proposition of "L'Armee des Ombres", and the film's well-known classic opening sequence, as well as the tragic death of the protagonist, are recurring themes of the gangster film. The revival of a gangster temperament in a film about the Resistance shows that Melville has no intention of glorifying or glorifying the Resistance from the very beginning that has contributed to the fight against fascism. Heroes in the eyes of the French people. More are just individuals with a color of helplessness and sadness. Between the righteousness of the nation and the survival of the country and the country, they become lonely souls who have been oppressed and sacrificed one by one. Only in the face of eternal death can one realize the value and meaning of self-existence   .
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  • Vaughn 2022-03-24 09:03:48

    Even unpleasant memories I accept because those were my distant youthful years

  • Adalberto 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    6.13 SIFF New Hengshan. The viewing experience is actually average. The copy of the film source is relatively old, the subtitles are even more incompatible with the timeline, and about 1/4 has not been translated. It is not Melville's personal heroic suspense crime, but calm to cruel, restrained to loneliness, it can be said that from the perspective of God, ordinary lens language, depicts the fatal despair. And the revolution, whether it wins or loses, has to pay the price of sacrifice.

Army of Shadows quotes

  • Jean François Jardie: She said five minutes, but she'll wait a lifetime.

  • Philippe Gerbier: See you later, Comrade.

    Legrain: ...You're a communist?

    Philippe Gerbier: No. But I can still have comrades.

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