Ashes to Ashes movie plot

2022-10-22 21:41
The BBC's latest TV series "Dust to Dust" is a spin-off of "Life on Mars".
The British TV series "Life on Mars" has won the British Television Academy Award and the International Emmy Award, and ABC has already remade the American version. This series is a sci-fi (especially time travel) theme and a cop film. It is about a Manchester City police detective, Sam Taylor, who was knocked to the ground by a car while working on a case and woke up from a coma to find himself back in 1973. In 2008, he became a subordinate of Detective Gene Hunter. It's easy to imagine a comedy like "Back to the Future", the first season did start with a joke about Gene and Chicken Sam talking to the duck, but quickly turned to describing their conflict, which Sam admired. 21st century way of handling cases; and Gene, as a police detective in the 1970s, often arrested suspects who were found guilty and beat them up. In addition, the most hotly debated question now is Sam's origin. Did he really travel back in time? Or is it all just a dream in his coma in a car accident? Or is he simply a psychopath in 1973?
Now the new drama "Ashes to Ashes" produced by the BBC is about.
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