Bagdad Cafe movie plot

2022-03-15 08:01
After an argument with her husband, a plump German woman sleeps alone in a motel that also runs a café. The thermal insulation high-pressure kettle that was left behind during the quarrel was filled with coffee and followed her, becoming the first prop in this magic trick.
The cafe owner's husband left home angrily. She couldn't understand her son's music, couldn't accept her daughter's fashion, and couldn't bear the crying in the baby. There is no coffee machine, and the bar is dusty; the hotel she manages is home to a painter with no work, a tattooed girl with no business. The hostess of the Baghdad cafe is overshadowed by the dust of life, and she can no longer tolerate an uninvited guest.
The German woman took what she saw as an understandable bewilderment and insisted on staying. After a clean-up, the Baghdad cafe became a rainbow in the desert; men's clothes were changed into fashionable women's clothes to help the boss's daughter through adolescence; she sat on the side and listened to the piano performance of the boss's son; she used her husband's magic props to learn magic, And offer a sideshow for the cafe. What German women do is just the norm in life, but in the eyes of this cafe in the Baghdad desert, it is. 
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    Romance without romance~

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    calling you heartbreaking voice

Bagdad Cafe quotes

  • Brenda: Now why would you want to leave?

    Debby: Too much harmony.

  • Brenda: Don't tell me that was it, Arnie! I mean, you gotta be kidding! That what I had you come up here for? I don't believe it! I mean she, she shows up outta nowhere without a car, without a map. She ain't got nothing but a suitcase filled with men's clothing. How come? How come she act so funny like she was gonna stay here forever? And with no clothes?! No! I don't like it! It don't make no sense at all! No, no, no, no, no! It don't make no sense!

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