Balance movie plot

2022-02-25 08:02
up in the air,He was holding a square plate with 5 people standing on it. They had the same appearance, the same attire, and the same expressionless face. The only difference was the different numbers on their backs. The center of the tablet is an invisible fulcrum, and in order to balance, five people must find the right position. Originally, it was enough to simply stand in the center, but, like us, they were also curious about the world and wanted to know what it was like down there. And with the advent of a box, this balance is broken, the box brings music, brings excitement, and also brings non-balance, which brings disagreement and struggle. The film is produced in Germany, and it also contains the unique German way of thinking, the importance of group, stability, balance, the pursuit of a peaceful life, and the resistance to temptation. Tablet is a world. When temptation comes, when the balance in people's heart is broken, the world will be chaotic, and only loneliness, failure and collapse will be left in the end. The characters in the film are also very similar to the Germanic people we imagined, with heavy coats, simple facial features, slender bodies and deep eyes, all silent, the whole story, only the squeaking sound of the tablet shaking, walking. sound, and the murmur-filled tinny music from the box.
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  • Laury 2022-02-25 08:02:32

    I love German philosophy~

  • Camden 2022-02-25 08:02:32

    The film pushed by LYNN. The best one I've seen in OSCAR so far. As soon as the scene begins, the characters are already in a game, and as the rhythm and plot slows down, a slap in the face in two-thirds makes things out of control. At the end, it is cold and meaningful, and it is an excellent reproduction and ridicule of our state at some time. The whole film does not say a word, and only uses 5 simple character actions of the same model to show the logic, philosophy and miscellaneous state of the world. music is short

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