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2022-07-18 08:44
After Fisk's brutal reign came to an end, Hell's Kitchen was apparently restored to its former tranquility, but the root of evil was not completely removed. Some criminal remnants were still hiding in the dark corners of the city, ready to take Fisk's legacy in one fell swoop. power. However, with the mantis catching the cicada and the oriole behind, a mysterious knight " Frank Castle " in full armor began to clean up the evil forces by himself, but it attracted Matt's attention due to violent means. When Matt managed to get in touch with him, he began to slowly discover that he had actually been traumatized in some way. Meanwhile, one of Matt's "old lovers" suddenly returns and convinces him to fight a mysterious organization from Japan. Matt has to deal with Frank Castle's violent law enforcement and do his best to deal with potential threats. 
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Bang quotes

  • Sgt. Brett Mahoney: Now, we got history, so I'll tell you as a friend, you stay out of this shit. If you got a witness, the smart move is to turn him over and walk away. Hell's Kitchen is about to explode.


    Foggy Nelson: You hear that? He called me friend.

  • Foggy Nelson: What are we stepping into?

    Matt Murdock: I don't know. I think I can rattle some cages, see who talks but, uh-...

    Foggy Nelson: Did you even listen to Brett? We're talking about a squad of trained killers loose on the streets. Not the kind of guys you challenge to a fist fight in your underwear.

    Matt Murdock: Hey! It's not underwear, Foggy. Underwear is comfortable.

    Foggy Nelson: You're a lot of things. Bulletproof is not one of them.

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