Barbarians behind the scenes gags

2022-06-30 16:20
1. The show is the only TV series of the same subject in which the Romans speak in classical Latin, while the Germans speak in modern German.
2. The helmet and mask worn by Arminius in the first episode are 1:1 restored from the Roman cavalry helmet excavated by Kalkriese.
3. Fanny Reiter, who played Arminius as a child, is the son of Laurence Lupo (played by Arminius).
4. Folkwin Wolfspear is a completely fictional character.
5. The Savage is Jeanne Gorsaud's breakthrough character.
6. The characters in the play used stirrups when they rode, but there were no stirrups at that time in reality, and they were not used until the Goths attacked Rome 300-400 years later.
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