Barefoot movie plot

2022-04-10 08:01
"Barefoot" tells the story of Nick Keller being the "scum" of the family. Because of unemployment again and again, his stepfather Heinrich and brother Victor look down on him, but only his mother still believes that he will eventually succeed. Nick finds a new job at a psychiatric clinic, where he saves a girl who attempted suicide, Leila, from life and death. In the evening, when Nick came home, he was surprised to find that Lila actually appeared in his kitchen. Lila didn't want to go back to the clinic and begged Nick to take her in. Nick was at a loss when facing the helpless Lila. Nick, someone who never thought of being responsible to anyone, would take on the responsibility of taking care of another. And Leila, who has always been isolated and used to being alone, began to learn how to get along with others.
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Barefoot quotes

  • Nick Keller: Don't you ever wear shoes?

    Leila: No, I don't like to cage my feet.

  • Leila: I need you.

    Nick Keller: But I don't need you.

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