Battle for Incheon: Operation Chromite evaluation action

2022-01-28 08:30
After the release of "Operation Chromite", the reviews were polarized. The audience thought it was exciting to have the opportunity to review such a history. Even if they didn't like war films, they were also moved by the film. Obviously, this theme film touched the national complex of ordinary audiences. In the eyes of many film journalists, the motives of the characters in the film are not clear enough, or even blind heroism. The beginning and end of the film are all because of General MacArthur, and the characters act blindly. Although several battle scenes are worth watching, the film is marked by heroism. It's a mess, just a tribute to General MacArthur   .
"Operation Chromite" received bad reviews after the media preview, and the audience's response was not enthusiastic, but the box office performance after its release was unexpectedly good. The film critics gave a rare low score, but the average audience gave the score above the average pass line   .
National hero stories such as "Operation Chromite" were favored by particularly patriotic South Korean audiences, but the North Korean media pointed out that the North Korean army was the victor in the war, and the film was seriously untrue. The shocking scenes of many heroes dying to defend their homes are very attractive to the audience, and of course the box office results can easily be outstanding. However, the film critics are not as enthusiastic as the audience, and are one-sided indifference to the film. They think that the film is not too strong in terms of storytelling, and the director's skills are not too surprising. They rely on the excellence of several leading actors. Acting to support the field   .
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Extended Reading
  • Newell 2022-04-23 07:05:10

    The rhythm is tight, the story is routine, the characters are symbolized, the villains are masked, the protagonists are open-minded, the performances are exaggerated, the war scenes are Hong Kong films, and the music is sensational. The most important thing is 2016. At the stage of the period, they are still indulging in the chessboard of justice and evil, and the cruelty and reflection of war are not at all. It is a war soap opera for the people of their own countries. Liam Neeson only needs to set the poss in this film.

  • Oma 2022-04-23 07:05:10

    Are all war movies made in the same way as the dramas? According to this movie, let alone the Korean People's Army, the Decepticons can't beat these protagonists.

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