Beauty & the Briefcase movie plot

2022-03-30 08:01
Ryan ( Hilary Duff Hilary Duff) is a young and energetic writer who is currently working with her best friend to write a cover story for Lido Magazine. However, things did not go well. In desperation, the two began to chat about the topic of looking for a good man. With a flash of inspiration, Ryan decided to go deep into the workplace and write a story about how women in the workplace can catch the "Diamond King Five". In order to find inspiration, Ryan applied for an administrative assistant of a large investment company to do things for the manager Tom ( Michael McMillian Michael McMillian). After successfully disguising herself as a single white-collar worker, she made a list of the conditions for the "Diamond King's Fifth" with her best friend, and immediately started her "hunting" program, which was widely cast and focused on training . Carmack) and co-worker Seth ( Matt Dallas Matt Dallas) go on a date, but this is not a pleasant thing, in order to finish the draft as soon as possible, how can Ryan find all the eligible Prince Charming within two months? 
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Beauty & the Briefcase quotes

  • Lane: Love just doesn't happen to girls like me; girls who build their hopes on an intricate web of day dreams. The truth is that everyone has issues and maybe building up a fake, perfect man in my mind was my biggest issue of all. I've been walking around with the ghost of my magic man. He's been haunting me, keeping me from a world of opportunities that were right in front of me...

    Lane: There's no such thing as perfection. Love is for people who are realistic and smart enough to open up their heart and minds and to realize that a real relationship is the ultimate fantasy."

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